‘Super Meat Boy’ Gets ‘Little Big Planet’-ized

DIYGamer: "Being indie gamers does not exclude us from the mainstream scene. One of my personal favorite games, Media Molecule’s Little Big Planet, promotes do-it-yourself creation to a whole ‘nother extent. There are millions of user-made and uploaded levels online, and some of them are true gems — often taking influence from other games. Back in July, when Limbo had first hit XBLA, Erik reported on some levels that had been created in the shadows (pardon the pun) cast by Limbo.

More good news is on the horizon for PS3 fans, then. Those unhappy about the lack of a release of Super Meat Boy on the PSN can at least do some platforming of their own by hopping on Little Big Planet and trying out both of the Super Meat Boy levels created by users Xx_Champ1on_xX and Awesomeface440."

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