How to setup a FragFx Shark mouse for your PS3

Professional gamer Dennis Dozier aka zDD shows us how to setup the new features for Splitfish’s brand new FragFx Shark just in time for Black Ops.

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RevXM2689d ago (Edited 2689d ago )

Was utter crap!
I struggled with it for days, settings and shit but it was not accurate and it inch jumped (I had 28" screen back then) in every game I tried with. and it lacked quality in every fucking way.

Still I want a controller like that, one that works and doesnt die on you within the first 3 days as the pro did.

Looks good in this video, BUT SHIT I dont trust splitfish anymore... got to see a lot of good reviews to even concider getting it.

gottan4g2689d ago

- there are a dozen or so I have seen - they all say it is all that and a bag of chips in MW2 - so I am pumped for Black ops, I ordered one. I'll drop in my own comments later.