Platform Nations Kinect Review – First Impressions

Platform Nations Paul Battani reviews the Kinect and adds his impressions. As Kinect has only been out a day in the United States, this review is going to focus on the actual Kinect camera and features and not any of the games available. Even though the Wii, PlayStation 3, and now the Xbox 360 all have motion control capabilities, the Kinect stands apart from its competitors.

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gigaware2810d ago (Edited 2810d ago )

Turns your Xbox into a WOW WHAT SHOULD I DO NEXT type of device. I'm already starting to get to the point where the controller is strange feeling. Almost gave me a feeling when playing halo like moving the stick and pressing buttons was modane like what I've been use to was slipping away(I sucked for a minute)

It only does the extraordinary *JUMP IN*

MinskyM2809d ago

Dude, you're trying way to hard.

gigaware2809d ago (Edited 2809d ago )

That's you guys I own it not haters lol. Trying too hard is trolling Kinect articles trying to bash it and disagreeing with the fans/owners of it in 360 articles. Obviously my comments are not geared towards PS3 fanboys trolling Kinect articles.

Speaking of trying too hard I bet you agreed with the PS3 in here saying the reviewer is own Microsoft's payroll simply because he was impressed with kinect. oh the Irony

Chill Alexm

HolyOrangeCows2809d ago

LOL, Gigaware advertising for the 360 as usual. Even with the outdated slogan.

4Sh0w2809d ago (Edited 2809d ago )

but maybe he just really likes the thing, but I disagree with him kinect doesn't make me feel like I dont want to use a controller for Halo or other games, honestly though I haven't played any controller games since I got kinect. I know I will soon but since my family is so eager to play with me I've just been enjoying kinect for now.

I had kinect since day 1, after going to see Megamind movie with my family yesterday we came home and once again all played kinect for a few hours, we love it, I definitely can tell this site is biased against kinect beccause so far everyone I seen play with it, casuals or so called hardcore all seem to have very good impression of kinect. Its fun, I predict through all the hate kinect is going to be very popular.

Sarcasm2810d ago

It's like directly out of a Microsoft PR statement, except without the "OMG I'M AARON GREENBERG AND KINECT WILL OUTSELL HARRY POTTER JUST BECAUSE"

"I have to say, I think Microsoft might be on its way to the top of the motion control genre. I really do like that I don’t need a controller to use the Kinect or play games made for it. The added bonus of having a wide range of game types available at release gives the Kinect quite an appeal to people looking to expand their gaming library or parents looking for a holiday gift for their child. The responsiveness of the sensor in tracking the body movements and translating them to on-screen controls works well and I did not really notice any considerable hesitation."

Weaksauce11382810d ago

2 days with it and im loving it. It's a blast and is very very addictively fun. Self depricating, nihilistic fan boys will hate it though. Of course without ever touching it or even bothering to know all the facts. Kinect is a home run.

vault13er2810d ago

Is that a real website or just a user review? I know a lot of people are saying that it would be silly for MS to pay journalists to get a decent review, but I read over on kotaku that is exactly what they did and now they're mad at engadget's 6/10 and want them to pay up.

Seriously, if that's true then I just don't know what to say. You can't buy a success you have to earn it. Both Sony and Microsoft and even the general gaming public ignored the Wii. Except at E3 where it had three hour lines and just an FYI kinect did not because 3DS did this year. So four years later and they both admit they were wrong and now the same fanboys that claimed casual gaming was horrible and the wii is bringing down gaming are praising kinect and games like kinectimals. Kinectimals. I kids game. Grownups might play Animal Crossing and Monster Hunter, but Kinectimals is not even adult fun AT ALL. Just watch the giantbomb video review. Your Shape was released for Wii last year and tanked because it's not even a good exercise game. The pack in title is not a full gaming experience, it's basically the equivalent to Wii Play which is a $10 bonus title for buying another controller.

Fanboys even like to point out that it would cost $320 for the equivlant Wii hardware to allow a four player experience completely forgetting that motion plus is now integrated in the main $40 controller, nunchuks are not required for 99% of multiplayer games, and nobody would be stupid enough to buy four extra controllers because one already comes with the Wii and it won't recognize five.

Look we get it, you want to like Kinect because you like the 360. And motion gaming is kind of fun for what it is. But MS is too late to the game. They're targeting non-gamers and don't even have a core game for launch. Nintendo had a gamecube port of an unreleased Zelda game at least and it had nearly a 1:1 attach rate. They have four years and 70+ million consoles to show for it and are well overdue for a refresh as is MS. MS just told the core gamers to eff off and spent 500 mil to place the 360 on life support and hold off on new hardware. Instead of taking this as a slap to the face like me, you embrace the device for what it can't do and that's do anything project natal promised.

All the games were done five years ago on eyetoy. Eyetoy play 2 has several similar games to both wii sp.. I mean kinect sports and Adventures. And they worked the same way and nobody said they were revolutionary back then. Sure the thing has multiple cameras, microphones, and IR but what use is it when the software is no better than five year old PS2 garbage? It's not. I could swat ping pong balls and pop bubbles in Play 2 and yeah it was fun but soooo 2005. Is this tech capable of anything with great potential? MS has spoken and told us fans of the Xbox brand to STFU and I can't believe some of you are devoted to buying it. I want 1080p graphics and larger levels and better lighting effects. I'm sorry if you just want to pop balls and play with imaginary tigers instead

baodeus2809d ago


I don't know if you have even try kinect yet. From the time that i got hand on with it (my brother just bought it), I didn't like it at first. The hand interaction interface is slow and not smooth at all. Seeing my brother yelling at kinect (i guess because he keep saying kinect instead of xbox to activate voice command) is pretty funny but make kinect seem retarded.

However after a while i figure out that it actually required some time to get used to the motion. Many people seem to just wave their arms wildly instead of a steady short motion (just like how you play FPS with a mouse, where the better player can maintain a steady aim and accurate). I figure out that it work much better with steady and short motion. No need to go all wild with your arms gesture.

It is still slow nontheless when selecting icons. But when i tried out the dance central demo, everything is so fast and smooth (it is like minority report quick and i'm quite serious about that). So i'm questioning wherether it is due to the kinect hardware, or the limitation of the developers software. Why dance central has such fast and smooth hand motion gestures, but the entire kinect interface isn't?

It seems as thought the tech is there, it is just depend on the developers to implement them well. I love dance central and seem like harmonic got the hang of the kinect, while sadly, MS themselves still having problem implementing it. Kinda odd i would say, but it really seem to depend on developers at this point.

baodeus2809d ago (Edited 2809d ago )

so no discussion about kinect, just empty disagree? common, do you guys have any guts for a decent debate? Getting really disappointed.

Like i mention, i don't like the interface interaction w/ kinect as of now, but from dance central experience, it works flawlessly so i said could it be down to developers not, the hardware it self? Anyone have some decent input on this?

And again, kinect does require repeated calibration everyday and for different lighting condition to maintain proper functions is a little bit annoying, but it would work better i guess.

Bigpappy2809d ago

Kinect dash is easy to use and works well. You also need to try Kinect sports and adventure. They are all responsive, and little kids use the interface with no issues.

I do agree that small gestures work and that DC is very quick. There put the menu items closer and use smaller gestures.

shadyiswin2809d ago

Wtf? Have you even played it? Right off the back when you calibrate you already know it way more than an eye toy could ever be. 20,000 leaks furthers this point by having you move in real time 3D space not just up, down, left and right. I have a xbox vision cam as well as a high def cam built into my laptop, it is not the same tech, not even close actually. The only thing is the kinect does everything an eye toy can do which isn't saying much while the eye toy can't do anything the kinect does besides seeing the player. The fact that kinect scans your room and can pan with you blows any webcams out of water.

Your shape fitness tanked on wii, every non nintendo game tanks on wii and there base is 70+ million and a million seller on wii is very rare. Your shape fitness is a grade A example of why kinect is as popular as it is. No controller needed and yet it offers a much better experience. You are another butthurt hardcore fan who is afraid hardcore games are gonna go away. Relax sugar tits, shooters are 360's bread and butter, you want lighting effects and larger levels? Game on the pc. Let us people who like to have fun having fun have fun lol. Kinect is definitely a hit with the ladies btw, I had a girl sleep over cause she was too tired from kinect adventures, then the next day bought over 2 friends to play dance central, they were disappointed it doesn't actually track 3 people at once though but soon we all were having fun, sadly I'm back with my gf and my kinect bachelor days are ended only 3 days in.....damn.