Play Lead & Gold and Shattered Horizons for Free on Steam this Weekend

Steam users are in for a busy, firefight-filled weekend, as Valve has revealed that Lead and Gold: Gangs of the Wild West and Shattered Horizon...

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SgtRock2812d ago

Lead and Gold is actually a pretty tight little team objective based game, and lots of fun. Fat Shark has pulled together some fixes for the dedicated server and browser issues the game originally had. This may be the last chance for Lead and Gold to take flight before everyone goes under the wire in Black Ops. I hope they can pull in enough bodies to keep the game going.

ChronoJoe2812d ago

Yeah Lead and Gold is really really good. I have it on PS3 but I had much more fun with it than TF2. Just they released it at the same time as RDR and for whatever reason most my friends were like 'why would I buy two western games'... lead and gold is barely a western game... the theme is entirely interchangeable... but eh people are stupid.