GAMESPOT: Dead Space 2 Updated Multiplayer Hands-On

GAMESPOT: As outlined in our September preview, Dead Space 2's multiplayer pits the humans of the Sprawl security force against the fleshy, nightmarish necromorphs in asymmetric four-versus-four matches. In these, the human team has a set of story-driven objectives to complete, while the necromorphs need only destroy the opposition, with the sides alternated between matches. Visceral Games introduced us to a new map, Solar Array, for our hands-on demonstration: a network of classically creepy sci-fi corridors and chambers leading toward a solar weapon, for which the humans must obtain and deliver the firing codes.

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IMChampion2813d ago

I was not feeling that beta and its not because it was a beta, it was actually the game. Multiplayer just don't feel right to me in this game. Looking forward to the single player though.

Chubear2813d ago

Yup, it was crap. No two ways about it but I heard there maybe co0p so that may be a saving grace.

Solidus187-SCMilk2813d ago (Edited 2813d ago )

Id rather just play the SP on the hardest difficulty, DS 1 was still easy on the hardest mode so I wouldnt play the story on co-op either.

BUT, I would have loved to see a co-op "horde mode" type of gameplay. Where the players work together to survive an onslaught of necromorphs. And include some sort of credit/experience system to get upgrades and other weapons. That is the only type of multiplayer Id like to see for this game.

ghostface2813d ago

I tried It for 10 minutes, and I was done.