What Every Parent Needs To Know About The XBox Kinect

Wired: "In the motion control wars, Kinect made some pretty big promises. The Kinect requires no handheld (or any) controller on your person. It uses cameras, sensors and software to track a player’s motion and then translates that into on-screen movement. You were supposed to be able to play games without the need for physical controllers – your body would control the action. You could move your hands and feet – even your shoulders and booty – to play games. The Kinect went on sale yesterday and it was time to put those claims to the test."

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ComboBreaker2815d ago (Edited 2815d ago )

"’s disappointing in that controls feel a lot like the Wii, — very vague in its input..."

"..the games require controls with big gestures." Meaning it will never work for "...serious, Call of Duty type of games that require finer, definitive movements."

" of my kids walked away in anger (and saying things that would normally get him in trouble) because – over and over – the camera wouldn’t recognize him."

"One of my daughters ended up in tears because she couldn’t make the horse move, even though she was doing everything right."

"I’d try again and again and end up running into a wall because I couldn’t get the camera to recognize my input or would be slow to react..." because Kinect is lagging.

"I tried the various means of calibration and various setups, but had no good luck with any..." In other word, recalibartion like Microsoft suggested did not work.

"...that sums up our experience with the Kinect... It looks like a lot of fun and when it works as advertised... But in between are far too many moments of concentrated frustration."

Most of the time, it doesn't work and instead causes alot frustration.

Bigpappy2814d ago

I can tell you. that I have it in a 7x4 space with a dim light and natural light during the day.

It works flawlessly for me. I have to move the table over some more to play 2 player, but I am doing that online with my brothers and their kids. The Kids are 5, 9 and 11. They are kicking my butt most of the time. Great fun online or off and no lag online or off. I am using a wireless connection. I have only played Kinect Sports online so far buy I will give Aventure a try online.

I hope, anyone that is have in a problem figure out what they are doing wrong. This guy probably needs to turn off the light behind the kids. Use a little common sense, instead of crying on the internet.

ComboBreaker2813d ago

It's just that Kinect is not reliable. Sometimes it works. Sometimes, it doesn't. And that sucks.

N311V2815d ago

Sounds like some peoples predictions may be correct, a lot of people will buy this and then be disappointed.

1233602815d ago

kids crying kineckt,ms what have you done

suicidalblues2814d ago

Agree. M$ has turned Scrooge by aiming a product at kids that seems to consistently not recognize inputs. I didn't see 1 kid using it for more than a few minutes at my sons job last night (Gamestop).

Cyrus3652814d ago

It'll be a novelty, like the wii, might sell like crazy, but just like the wii, it'll wear off.

Same thing goes for the Move as well.

Bell Boy2814d ago (Edited 2814d ago )

Forget the looks like you have to make sure your living room is totally free of little things like sofas...pmsl

The picture he as posted of kids standing where you would think his sofa usually sits surely means this isn't even a viable purchase for most families around the world..My fellow Brits will surely need to get the tape measure to check before buying

The biggest problem really is that you have to redesign your house to play...a minor flaw of

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