Gran Turismo 5 Debuts in NASCAR

While fans continue to wait for the final word on a release date for Gran Turismo 5, NASCAR driver Joey Logano will be sporting a new paint scheme featuring the game's logo at the Texas Motor Speedway this Saturday.

In a press release from retailer GameStop, which also sponsors the car, Logano states GT5 is coming in November.

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A Cupcake for Gabe2809d ago

This is very smart marketing move. Millions are going to see this

sweettooth2809d ago

GT5 will fuck the videogames industry

farrell2809d ago

I just want the game damn it!release the game!

Dark-Cloud2809d ago

i told you 1 more month , why people repeat that sentence ? .. this time it's the real date , befor Xmas ...

acedoh2809d ago

It's an old quote. There is no guaranty of a holiday release. It's a possibility but until I see SONY post an official date I an unconvinced. Hopefully soon. Christmas is in 7 weeks.

STONEY42809d ago

You didn't see the article about the Sony Store? It says November 30 on there. That's as official as it gets.

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