Sony Responds To The PS3's Plans For Backwards Compatibility

Almost two days ago we post an interview we conducted with an employee at Sony Computer Entertainment, title ‘The PS3 Plans for Backwards Compatibility – Revealed’. If have yet to seen the article you can check it out at the link above. Once the article was posted, an unusually event took place. Contrary to Sony’s normal practices, they responded to the article by contacting us looking for information on our source.

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ClownBelt2630d ago

I just hope the info is legit.

will112630d ago (Edited 2630d ago )

Has it seriously taken 4 years for this? Also, where is my Cross Game Chat we have been asking for since 2006?

im-12-years-old2630d ago


if you want a cross game chat buy a xbox and stop complaining...IMO cross game chat is not needed

ComboBreaker2630d ago (Edited 2630d ago )

Sony's plan to try to find out the leakers.

1. Release misinformation.
2. Find that leaker that release the misinformation.
3. Eat lunch with Ken.
4. Profit.

will112630d ago

Cross Game Chat is NOT needed, I agree. However, it would be nice to have when my friends want to play Dragon Age and I want to play Black Ops. I am saying that Sony clearly doesn't care about us because we have been asking for cross game chat forever. Just look at their blog, every time a new update comes out people cry for cross game chat. We can all agree we would love to have it.

seinfan2630d ago

Looks fake. The guy in the email makes the same typos as the author of the article.

Blaster_Master2630d ago

Agreed will. If it wasn't for people like us asking for cross game chat, then we wouldn't even have in game xmb like we do now. Dont listen to these idiots that say they dont need it. Its not our fault they have like 2 friends and dont care if they even talk to them or not. People like us with 100 friends on at a time could really use the feature, and it will eventually be added regardless what the vocal minority thinks or wants. Keep fighting the good fight my friend.

irepbtown2630d ago

Cross game chat is now bad however I like to speak to people i'm playing with. Not my friends playing, lets say Star Wars. But it would be quite good to play e.g Dragon Age and have a chat with people playing Black Ops.

I don't care if Cross game chat does eventually get to PS3. But i'd MUCH MUCH MUCH rather want Backward Compatibility. Not saying Sony can't do both.

ksense2630d ago

I did not buy my ps3 for cross game chat. I buy them to play games especially exclusives and I am yet to be disappointed

Razmossis2630d ago

I had my suspicions about the legitimisy of this story from your first article, this one pretty much confirmed for me that you are pulling this out of your ass.
I seriously doubt a Senior Director of anything (never mind a Sony Senior Director) would write like a 5 year old.

It's sad, I wanted this to be true

trancefreak2630d ago

At seinfan it does and the last email has a different copy paste text. seems like a lazy rushed look at us for hits cause we got teh SONY insider sources. FAIL!!

ExplosionSauce2630d ago (Edited 2630d ago )

If you have PS2 games, that means you have a PS2 and if you're getting an non-backwards compatible PS3, don't get rid of your PS2.

Raoh2630d ago

why in gods name would you want to talk to your friend while playing black ops?

its an online game.. i need you in the game focused talking to your squad mates..

but instead your talking to your friend in another game?

useful in between games as your about to log on to discuss servers, games, lobby's to log on to? sure,, then after that we speak in game ..

overrated feature

TechnicalBS2629d ago (Edited 2629d ago )

People can sometimes be selfish. It's obvious that there are PS3 owners who would like cross game chat, yet those who hate and appose it would rather be without it even at the cost of those who would actually like the feature. Why? I don't get it.

They even fault them and beat them with sticks for mentioning the idea of cross game chat. They scream blasphemy and pray for their Gods to smite those who even desire it the slightest! Okay, it's obvious that you, generally the PS3 enthusiast would rather be without it but you're not going to be forced into a cross game chat with a buddy. It's entirely optional.

If you appose it still, then there's no hope. The PS3 will forever be without a useful feature because of lack of interest from PS3 owners. I for one wouldn't mind it. If Sony implements a cross game chat feature, then more power to them.

n4gno2629d ago

Only xbox fans ask for bC and cross game chat.

acky12629d ago (Edited 2629d ago )

I appose it, because i'd never use it...i don't even have a mic. Why on earth would i want sony spending time and money on a feature I have no interst in when they could be working on something I am interested in (e.g. backwards compatibility)?

y0haN2629d ago

I love how Sony fanboys say they don't care about Cross Game Chat.

But oh how they laughed at achievements, they didn't care. Then they got trophies and now they're all over that.

Guess you have to see what you're missing to actually want it.

UltimateIdiot9112629d ago (Edited 2629d ago )

Some love trophies but personally I hate trophies and achievements. Still do, they don't add any value other than bragging right or show how terrible your life really is. If I can redeem them for rewards or something, then I'm listening.

I don't care if Konami brings Trophy to MGS4 or not. I've played a great game, beat it at least 3 times already. That's good enough and I'm not missing out on anything because the game has no trophies.

I rather Sony try and bring over Google TV and Skype than work on Cross Gaming Chat. When I play games, I concentrate on what I'm playing, not why my friend believes that ___ is the best thing since the slice of bread.

If I want to talk to friends, I pick up the phone and call. Novel idea.

LOOK_AT_THIS_I2629d ago


why should they spend time and money on backwards compatiblility when they could add features that would enhance THIS GENERATION game experience. You people piss me off with that lame ass excuse. If you would have been an early adopter like me you could have had your BC and used it when there were not many games out at first release.

If you want backwards compatibility buy a ps2. I want to talk only to my friends on games not have to mute every single douchebag who thinks I want to hear them breathe into the mic, or sing the latest cRAP song put out and use racial slurs on everyone.

I could care less about BC but if they add it cool...It will make some people happy. If you dont like cross chat, thats fine....DONT USE IT. IT NEVER HURTS TO ADD FEATURES, and besides who in the hell uses tactics in Mod Warfare 2???? My friends and I do, but most people in regular rooms do all the annoying things I said above.

Cryptech2629d ago

Perfect argument for cross game chat is Demon's Souls in my opinion. It has coop but no voip. My friends and I are going to use Skype on our laptops as we play to communicate. This would be way easier if we could just join cross game chat in a party or whatever while playing the same game.

will112629d ago

Obviously you don't have friends... I have both 360 and PS3 and I play 360 more because 90% of my friends have it. Everytime I log in we all make a party chat and play different games. For example, I play Oblivion when my other friend plays Dragon Age and my other friend plays Dead Space. If you have friends in real life you would appreciate cross game chat.

UltimateIdiot9112629d ago

For your information, I do have a lot of friends. Mostly female friends but I'm sorry if I don't have 100 male friends on PSN to talk to.

Good job on assuming because we all know what happens when people assume. So before you run around on your high horse thinking everyone who doesn't want CGC don't have friends, think again.

acky12629d ago

They should spend time and money becuase I want it. ME. I'm talking solely about what I want from my ps3, not anyone else.

Cross-game chat wouldn't improve this generation for me at all because I wouldn't use it. Whereas bc and hd remakes would be nice to have and would improve this generation by allowing me to play games from last generation. Just bought future cop on the ps store and it is everything I remember it to be and more, fantastic fun. I don't want to forget these older games because some of them are worth reliving.

Any new features are nice to have because someone will get use out of it, but not me for this. So obviously, personally, I would have no value in cross game chat.

I would never want to chat to someone playing another game...the very idea is absurd to me. It's like when someone comes into the room when your gaming and starts chit shatting over a crucial cutscene. You just want them to go away.

ThanatosDMC2629d ago

His xbox live "friends" are his only friends... Guess, they're jumping ship but wont talk to him anymore without his precious cross game chat?

f7897902629d ago

Again, backwards compatibility meant lost ps2 sales from ps3 owners selling theirs. Once they hit a meaningless number of ps2 sales, they will give us backwards compatibility.

HDgamer2629d ago

Yohan you must be referring to playing ps3 games on the 360 or free online. You won't get that on the other console.

TechnicalBS2629d ago

Lack of comprehension..

If Sony were to implement cross game chat, it would be entirely optional. No one would be pointing a gun at you to use it. It's obvious that there are some PS3 owners who wouldn't mind having the feature.

Your lack of interest for the feature shouldn't stop other PS3 owners to ask Sony. Maybe if enough ask, Sony will finally give their users what they want.

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imvix2630d ago (Edited 2630d ago )

PCSX2 problem solved. HD remakes of your PS2 games for free. No need to wait until Sony makes up their mind.

Gosh looks like ppl dont like free solutions and rather pay for them lol.

mac_sparrow2630d ago (Edited 2630d ago )

To get them running nicely is far too complicated for your average gamer. You have to remember the internet savvy forum visiting gaming crowd does not represent the average all that well.

imvix2630d ago (Edited 2630d ago )

Was my first try few days back to get PS2 emulator running. Took me about 10-20mins to configure everything.

Been playing GOW 1 in 1080p 50-60fps. Gonna play GOW2 later all with the PS3s very own DS3. Sure i agree its cool Sony can make the remakes, but who even knows Sony will remake your favorite game. PS2 had over 1000 games launched, Sony will at most be only remaking a handful of them.

Dragun6192630d ago

That's because there's an actual difference from upscaling a 480p PS2 game to 720 PC Monitor to a 480p PS2 game remastered and tailored through a developer to make it fit a 720p HDTV.

Here's a PC version by a Gaf Member
Then here's a Remastered version for PS3

DigitalAnalog2630d ago

You also need a beast of a PC to run the top settings for the PCSX2. You might as well ask them to buy a gaming rig for crysis whlie you're at it.

-End statement

Ocelot5252630d ago (Edited 2630d ago )

PS2 software emulation will never(ok maybe not never) be perfect since the GPU is really difficult to emulate.
There are always going to be glitches and slowdowns due to the vast hardware differences between the PS2 and PC.
This is why sony opted for hardware emulation on the 60 gig PS3.

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visualb2630d ago

as usual, "its a rumor" they say

we'll have to wait and see

Shikoro2630d ago

I don't think so...

Too casual way of writing a response as in too unprofessional.

Megaton2630d ago

I'm having doubts about the legitimacy of that article. I knew it was too good to be true.

rob60212630d ago

I think I do too, this kind of leak doesn't happen often. Honestly I could have guessed everything he wrote and made up a mock 'secret interview.' Might just be desperate for hits. I'm sure all those companies are looking at remaking PS2 games, but being on board, and having the development resources to do so is a different story.

TRU3_GAM3R2629d ago

yes! now i can play ps2 games on my ps3^^

Solidus187-SCMilk2630d ago

Im more likely to play a remastered game than a regular ps2 game.

But didnt they say there was going to be some usb ps2 emulator box for ps3. I thought there was a rumor about it when sony patented it or something. that would be a great solution for people who have alot of PS2 games and want BC.

Bloodraid2630d ago

I don't understand why people are so willing to go and buy an emulator add-on for their PS3. Do people not realize they can still buy another PS2 like I did? Hell, you can find one online for $50 bundled with a bunch of games.

ThatArtGuy2630d ago

It *is* nice to have your PS2 games upscaled. If it's cheap enough, it would be worth it, in my opinion.

TradingWarStories2629d ago

they make GTA: VC & SA HD remake, please!

ImmortalLegend2629d ago

Shut up, you're getting a free service. I can understand if you're paying for Playstation Plus though.

LordGamer2629d ago

Would not have had so many typos in the article... dead giveaway.

an unusually event took place HELLO! Did this blogger even bother to check spelling and grammatical errors?

jerethdagryphon2629d ago

pop 19th november sly collection about 26 ico colection april

all preordered

next please

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Newtype2630d ago

Whoa, looks like Sony doesn't want their info to leak...

SuperStrokey11232630d ago

No it looks like Sony is trying to stop misinformation thats NOT true from leaking out.

ct032630d ago

Pretty much.
They can't do anything about websites quoting "secret sources". But when the website makes it sound as if someone from Sony had made these statements they intervene.

djfullshred2630d ago

No company of any kind wants real or misinformation leaked out from anonymous sources working for them. They usually have rules of conduct spelled out that this is something they will fire you for.

OtherWhiteMeat2630d ago (Edited 2630d ago )

If true,when he's or she's caught I'd imagine they'll become one of the many people on this planet that are unemployed.

Ocelot5252630d ago (Edited 2630d ago )

well he can come work on my orange farm

princejb1342630d ago

its problably bs
people make up to much crazy rumors about sony
even dou some of them are true
theres alot that are not

thats like in high school if they spreading rumors about you that your gay
how would you feel?

smashman982630d ago

r u callin sony gay!?


LOL NAH we cool

jack_burt0n2630d ago

Its just as likely that he is making contact because if the info is wrong ppl will be waiting for a MGS and FF collection that will never arrive, as it is a mole hunt.

An announcement like that is not big enough for them to be timing it for a reveal like a trade show etc its like the Persia or Ico collection they let slip 10 months plus b4 official announcement.

big_silky2630d ago

i believe the story, when has sony ever been able to keep a secret?

djfullshred2630d ago (Edited 2630d ago )

David Jaffe would answer "yes", regarding the question if Sony can keep something secret.

VegaShinra2630d ago

Sony is in the right here. This site made that previous article out to be an official comment and made it sound like John Koller made those comments and now they say it wasn't him.

Sony didn't ask for a source of the information. They only asked for which event and where did these random quotes come from that were reportedly from a guy that wasn't at any event. It doesn't come off as Sony covering anything up either. More like they are wondering wtf this article was talking about and where did such random info spawn out of it.

SuperStrokey11232630d ago


I have to be honest here, reading the the stories posted on that page with their huge grammar errors is like pulling teeth. I find it very very hard to believe that a webpage such as this could get info from an inside source. Sony isnt trying to cover up the info as if it were real but trying to make sure people realize that it has no basis at all in fact. Just another person wanting something that simply wont happen.

LarsoVanguard2629d ago

It seems telling to me that Sony would creep onto such an insignificant site and then ask them to clarify their information. I'm sure they have better things to do than troll nonsense all day. But when someone gets an official email from Sony about their tiny, nonsense site, it gives a bit of credibility to the whole thing.

If it was nothing, then why would Sony care at all? They wouldn't. Think about it. For one second, if possible.