So You Own A Wii, Now What?: 8 Must-Own Third-Party Wii Games

Game Podunker Rrquinta writes, "This list is not intended to be inclusive, and the order isn't indicative of quality. This is simply a list of eight third-party-published Wii games that any "serious" Wii owner should have in their library. Also, please note that these include Wii retail titles only, not Virtual Console or Wiiware, as those may make up a separate list in the future..."

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Shoko2724d ago

That's a crap list TBH. Those aren't bad games, there's just way better 3rd-party Wii games out there. A better list would be:

No More Heroes 2
Monster Hunter Tri
Red Steel 2
Goldeneye 007
Tatsunoko vs. Capcom
The Conduit, or some other game on that list.

N4g_null2724d ago

Ha that's funny I was going to say the same.

Another thing is Mario kart is really good too. Track mania , blast works, the Sam show down collection is nice too. If you can find the first excite truck it's good too along with bwii. I love advance wars.

The first metriod on the wii is great too. No one ever gets to sky world which is where the game is jaw dropping good.

I just picked up some hidden gems like sin and punishment and tenehu.

I think I have like 28 wii games that I actualy play every week after work. I'm loving the games on the wii and I can't wait till the next gen system since I'm sure we will get to make some thing for it. You just can't get publishers to ok a hardcore wii game.

rrquinta2720d ago

This list is only third-party titles, and Mario Kart, Metroid Prime, and Sin & Punishment are all first-party published.

Mahr2724d ago

The Conduit is not a 'Must-own' game.

I would probably sub in House of the Dead: Overkill in place of the pretty poor Okami port, but otherwise gamepodunk's list is pretty solid for what it is.

scar202724d ago

The only game ive bought for my wii this year is tatsunoko vs.capcom that game is addicting as hell and i play it non stop.

rumplstilts2723d ago

Change your avatar. Whenever I see it I want to fap.