Episode #17: The Blender Extender

NBA EIite gets axed, G4 gets dropped by Direct TV, Minecraft sells half a million units. We also gather around for some Kinect and Just Cause 2 talk and of course we dive into the latest and greatest in the industry and take a very special trip to visit the internetz.

* NBA Elite gets canned
* Direct TV Drops G4
* Minecraft sells over 500,000 units
* Nintendo just says no
* Supreme Court hears the violent video games
* EA and Facebook team up
* Indie Games Have Been Moved!
* Epic praises the iPhone
* Dragon Age on Facebook
* Roundtable: Kinect and Just Cause 2

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CombineElite2753d ago

NBA Elite gets canned:they played NBA 2k11
Direct TV Drops G4:about time seeing how no one watches it.
Minecraft sells over 500,000 units: Game of The Year with Zero advertising.
Supreme Court hears the violent video games: meanwhile our public education system sucks people are loosing their homes and orphans are starving.
EA and Facebook team up: And this does what for core gamers?
Indie Games Have Been Moved!: moved to India of course, outsourced of course.
Epic praises the iPhone: until Cliffy B gets a dropped call due to antenna.
Dragon Age on Facebook: what game isn't on Facebook
Roundtable: Kinect and Just Cause 2: i got nothing for this one.