GT5 Gets Night-time Nürburgring

Thesixaxis writes:
We’re hoping for a new release date today, but in the absence of anything solid, here’s another juicy rumour for the pile: Gran Turismo 5 will feature the Nürburgring – at night.

Yes, the sleuths have been out in force this morning, picking up on a photograph of Yamauchi driving around a nighttime course with part of the on-screen map seeemingly deliberately hidden.

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level 3602754d ago

Absolute sim-driving effort indeed., only wish is for more weather effects ( rain, fog, snow etc. ).. GT6 maybe?

SnuggleBandit2754d ago (Edited 2754d ago )

Uh what?? Snow and rain ARE confirmed...

And so is night driving on all tracks (right?) The article is insinuating that night driving wasnt coming to all tracks...

EDIT: Nevermind, this is an EXTREMELY old article...back from may when night cycles werent announced yet...geez who submitted this crap?

ryan4612754d ago

Nah its only some tracks that have day/night. its presumable that the ones that are 24hour will have them: nurburgring and sarthe. But other tracks we will have to see when the game releases. I hope it comes soon, could of been playing it now :(

Lawliet2754d ago

hahaha level 360 got OWNEDZ! Where you from

Steve_02754d ago

This articles picture isn't an actual pic of gt5, is it?

Steve_02753d ago

I don't think it is. I'm asking because I'd really like to know if that Alfa is in the game.

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Hoje03082754d ago

24 hours at the 'ring would be much more impressive than Le Mans, as far as I'm concerned. I really hope this comes out soon, as I've lost interest in all other games at the moment.

Ben Dover2754d ago

So would this mean.. 24 hour Nurburgring? o.o

*experiences a multiple orgasm*

techpinger2754d ago

nurburg at night + x1 prototype with damage


TheBest2754d ago

...staying at a steady speed of 2 mph or kmh.

KiLLAxMAHN2754d ago

Just kidding it's the Dev kit.

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