IGN reviews Lair - "Look, up in the sky -- it's a Sixaxis suckfest!" - 4.9/10

It was somewhere in the neighborhood of my fourth pass over a bridge filled with two warring factions and a bunch of evil rhinos that I went from thinking Lair wasn't that bad to wondering if Lucifer himself pressed this Blu-ray disc in the pits of hell.

See, the time had come for my Asylains to draw up a peace treaty with a group of neighboring bad guys called the Mokai, but when the peace process soured, a huge battle erupted and I -- Rohn, one of the best dragon-riding sky guards around -- needed to make sure our troops came out on top.

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TriggerHappy4098d ago (Edited 4098d ago )

and here I was thinking a 6.0 was low but a 4.9 ? damn..

nasim4098d ago (Edited 4098d ago )

Now they gave LAIR 7.5 in graphics?????????????

How is that possible?

u cant give a game a bad score just because of the CONTROLS??

this is BS just like their HEAVENLY SWORD review


your Blue Dragon got 6 from GS
and twoworlds got 4/10 from ripten

who are u talking to?

unsunghero284098d ago


They said the game had a poor framerate and visual tearing. That explains the graphical isssues... Read the review and you'll see that this just isn't a good game.

But seriously, all of the xbox fanboy comments are unnecessary. When people actually cheer at a game's failure then you realize just how shallow this "console war" really is.

Daxx4098d ago (Edited 4098d ago )

Nasim, just give it up please. Be a tolerant gamer and love games for what they are and not what console they are on.

As ZeroTolerance said "Play games, Not consoles"

unsunghero284098d ago (Edited 4098d ago )

Double post.

But I'll keep this one ready for any upcoming replies...

Optimus Prime4098d ago

nasim. How about them ULTRAREALISTIC graphics this game is pumping out. the graphics sure made the game an amazing game. No wait, no it didnt. So next time, please dont brag about how you think graphics make a game. Because your suppose AAA game got a 4.9 thats pathetic.

YAH FOR ULTRAREALISTIC graphics, hey nasim????

chanto234098d ago

Sure the game may suck control wise but that doesnt mean its not an enjoyable experience, it just means it isnt must buy material but ill surely rent this for a couple of days no doubt...graphically, it may have some chugs but that doesnt mean it isnt a beautiful looking game...

Bottom line is that its still an experience you wont have on the 360 and thats what im looking for the most on the PS3, different games not shooters only, if you want a shooter you have to go for the 360 no doubt, but for single player experiences PS3 is the way to go...and even with those jaggies and chugs Lair graphics surpass 80% of the 360 games out to date...both concoles have their strenghts and shooter are the 360 bread and butter, but for something else i give PS3 the edge...360 is trying but not quite being succesful...(Blue Dragon)(Crack Down)

dragunrising4098d ago

I think you forgot about a few single player games 360 has...Bioshock and Mass Effect. Both experiences you will never find on the PS3. Also, I would prefer a ground breaking single player experience (Bioshock)over a crappy game like Lair any day.

jodonn084098d ago

blindfromthesun are you sure that we will never find bioshock on the ps3?

because there is a lot of evidence pointing that it will be

ThaGeNeCySt4098d ago

to the person above me...

"Then there is the lingering question of the rumored PS3 version of BioShock found in the PC code. Levine responds quite clearly, "I promise you, there is no secret plan about the PS3 that we're keeping from people. There's no PS3 development going on that we're hiding. There's lots of stuff that gets into game code, plans change over time and we got an exclusive deal with Microsoft ... that's not a Rosetta Stone discovery."

jodonn084098d ago

i hate to break it to you but not everything you read is true

INRI4098d ago

That´s Said ALL!
The PS3´S AAA Games Turning Apart From Graphic´s Into The Worst Game Console I´ve Ever Seen.....But Who The Hell Said Its A Console???

A Super Computer, 120FPS, 4D, SixAxis And Its A BLU-RAY.....VERY SAID, SONY!

To Get My 600 Bucks You Need to Assuage Me, Sony...Yeah, Assuage Me More Than That......

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toughNAME4098d ago (Edited 4098d ago )

IGN is full of xbots

...right sony boys?

timmyp534098d ago

if they think the game sucks it probaly isn't that great. But i'm still thinking they just aren't good with the motion controls.( not saying they are good but some have)

Seraphim4098d ago

everyones entitled to their opinion and that's all reviews are. I haven't played Lair so I can't comment specifically. Personally, for quite some time I've felt the game will be good, average if you will. Just like any other dragon game because none seem to get it perfectly right. Anyway I do think he might have been a little to critical in his review. But again, it's not like I've played the game either. But him commenting about the dragon and how it doesn't move precisely leads me to believe his expectations of the game were way off. After all, Factor 5 stated this is not an airplane you're flying, it's a MASSIVE Dragon so being able to turn on a dime was never part of the equation....

GnaM4098d ago

I think toughName was being which case I agree. That's all I hear from either side whenever a hyped first party game comes out on either system "omg they must be [insert opposite system here] fanboys". The most hilarious part was when it happened in the Lair/Blue Dragon 1up story, because the games are on opposite systems and both got low scores, but each side said it was because 1up was a fanboy of the opposite side.

sonarus4098d ago

i just got the game and i am gonna be selling it back to buy heavenly sword. The reviews were right on the money. This game is pretty much garbage. The story is great but the gameplay sucks big time. Anyone who disagrees and has played the game must be on some crack cus i dnt see anything good about this game aside from the story and the music. The game itself is garbage. Never played rogue squadron so dnt knw wats gud but factor 5 really wasted this great title. Anyone that gives this game a 9 has obviously lost it. Anyway back to playing warhawk

HowarthsNJ4098d ago

It takes some getting used to - it's not the same old gaming experience you get with joy sticks.

Laying back in the easy-chair is a no go. Your arms and hands have to move freely.

The dragon moves exactly with the sixaxis and flight is smooth and easy. The 180 turn is tricky though.

Ri0tSquad4098d ago

See how this game manages to play with the six axis

gnothe14098d ago

now this is getting ridiculuos. even I dont think its thats bad!!

InMyOpinion4098d ago (Edited 4098d ago )

Who said the Sixaxis motion sensing was'nt a rushed last minute resort for not including rumble? I certainly did'nt ;)

I have high hopes for Drake's Fortune. Looks AAA.