Dedication or Insanity? Fallout: New Vegas Beaten with 0 Kills

How do you secure a place in internet bragging circles? By beating Fallout: New Vegas with 0 kills.

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TheColbertinator2723d ago

How did he succeed in so many Speech checks if he never earned EXP from killing anything?

Sarcasm2723d ago

Cant you earn XP by unlocking lock picks, computer terminals, etc.?

But yes, I don't see how anyone could go through this game without killing something, especially those annoying flies.

Hideo_Kojima2723d ago

Press the ` key...

Now click on anyone with the mouse type kill and press enter.

How do we know he didn't kill everyone with cheats?

radphil2723d ago

There's a pacifist ending basically in the game. You can get through it without killing anyone. You just have to have patience, and the right skill set.

Perjoss2723d ago

I'm very impressed that the devs took the time to implement this kind of playthrough. Fallout Vegas overall seems to have much more depth to it than Fallout 3, not that I didnt like F3, I spent almost 90 hours on 1 playthrough and loved every minute of it. Extremely atmospheric.

Reminds me a little bit of the 'little rocket man' achievement for Half Life episode 2. Makes me wonder if the devs play through the game and make tweaks based on these kinds of playthroughs. I love this stuff.

radphil2723d ago (Edited 2723d ago )


Yea I liked the depth they took with it. It's a shame though that there's like 2x the bugs/glitches as well, which really kills the mood at times. Had the game crash on me a lot of times >_<

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djfullshred2723d ago (Edited 2723d ago )

You have to do a lot of grinding to level up without combat, that's for sure. You would have to cancel out of every mission when you weren't at a level to pass the speach challenge.

I'm not as impressed by the zero kills, but more impressed that someone could play this game in the most boring way possible like this.

Solidus187-SCMilk2723d ago (Edited 2723d ago )

who plays fallout and doesnt shoot things. That does sound pretty boring. I love seeing the body parts fly in VATS or the cinematic deaths.

this must have taken lots of patience. Not to mention all the characters you really want to kill, like Benny.

visualb2723d ago

I made through my first play through with very few kills (well, a lot but NOTHING compared to fallout 3, normal body count)

you just need to sneak a lot, lockpick a lot, and have high speech/barter skills as well as knowing where to go/do

also, he didn't do all the side missions =P considering some require you to kill.

No FanS Land2723d ago

Finish Final Fantasy IX at level one, now THAT is a challenge!

limewax2723d ago

My only response, FF12 IZJS - 322111 playthrough, now thats some crazy stuff, try taking down omega like that lol

commander2723d ago

demons souls

soul level 1 beat the game

easily trumps final fantasy(girls game)

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Raendom2723d ago

~ MovetoQT


soundslike2723d ago (Edited 2723d ago )

the game was designed to allow these types of play styles... doesn't really surprise me

edit: its ironic that his pacifist take on the game is labeled insanity? by the article. Microcosm? I think so.

djfullshred2723d ago

I think it is labeled insanity because of the extreme tediousness involved in playing that way. I wouldn't read more social commentary into it about killing in general.

soundslike2723d ago

i know...
its dry humor, maybe too dry for n4g it seems

vhero2723d ago

you can use tilde commands to easily do this effect plus he has used 48 stimpacks. That's a lot for somebody who has never been in a fight.

NeoMagus2723d ago

or he could have stepped on a mine or triggered a rigged shotgun he didnt see, damage doesn't come from just being attacked

djfullshred2723d ago

Yeah, and some of those traps are nasty. I have cursed at my TV screen a few times after being stupid enough to walk right into some.

n to the b2723d ago (Edited 2723d ago )

color me impressed. the hardcore-est I'll go is obtaining all achievements.

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