Top 5 PS3 Exclusive Sequels of 2011 to die for

Gamersmint: Gamersmint picks the 5 most awesome PS3 exclusives which are due out in 2011 for our dear readers and tells you why you should be looking forward to these amazing “next”.

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psb2628d ago

However, with Dylan Jobe showing of his game to Santa Monica, I would love to see Starhawk release for the PS3 in 2011 too. Warhawk was simply put, the best mp I have played in a long long time.

sinncross2628d ago

The complete lack of Syphon Filter 5 in lists like this always gets me... we know the game is in development due to a slip by a mo-cap team.

DasBunker2628d ago

Mine are:

Infamous 2
Twisted Metal
Killzone 3
Uncharted 3
Resistance 3

but i got a feeling uncharted 3 wont happen next year.. sonys going full force.

Red_Orange_Juice2628d ago

I swear, article with the very same title was posted some time ago. You people have nothing better to write? Then don't

kancerkid2628d ago

PS3 owners don't buy shooters, thus your list should be cut down by at least two.

Shooters are for Xbox fanboys only. /s

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SkyCrawler2628d ago

It's still heavily rumored that GT5 is coming out in time for the holidays so...

nycredude2628d ago

Gt5 coming next month, which in my calender is 2010.

avengers19782628d ago

I'm not going to get excitied for Uncharted 3 until I hear them actually announce it, IMO it won't be out next year, but all the other exclusives that have been announced are going to be great.
you can add
Lost Guardian
Twisted Metal
Socom 4
and Sorcery to that list.

cyborg2628d ago

I would love to see that too. And a new Syhpoon Filter would be awesome too but it's unlikely since I don't see the devs having time to work on that right now.

But fck everything else, give me UC 3 in fall 2011 and I would be doing this in any case

ubiquitious2628d ago

Half these games are multiplatform.

Why pay $500 for a PS3 when I can play the same games on PSP for $200?

cyborg2628d ago

Comparision with PSP?

Are you fkking high?

eggbert2628d ago

and the PSP hasn't been $200 for a while..

besides, its not like you can compare the two that well in terms of games...

SpitFireAce852628d ago

Last time i checked the PS3 was $299 you do know
those games KZ3,R3,LBP2,UC3,INF2 are not on your
system of choice so they are exclusives..

Troll on..

Gambit072628d ago

This is a 1st, a PSP fanboy trolling a PS3 article.

DNAbro2628d ago

Wow i have never seen trolling this bad. It doesn't even make sense.

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prongs1232628d ago

forward to Killzone 3 the most, after playing the BETA, the wait is killing me :\

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The story is too old to be commented.