Foxconn: Morality and Gaming

GameBlurb writes, "Is there a place in the life of a gamer when the reality behind the fantasy and adventure that gaming allows needs to be addressed?"

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liquidxtension2753d ago

So True. I wish there was really something we could do about this.

N4g_null2752d ago (Edited 2752d ago )

This problem is far bigger than gaming.

Yet things may change since china GDP is going way up. Because if it's the pay would a strike be better than jumping?

People in America would kill for these very jobs.

jaidek2753d ago

Very tragic, but a comment on their site got me laughing pretty hard.

"What great logic;

Foxxconn Manager: Employees are leaping to their death, should we counsel them, try to understand why they’re so distressed?

Foxxonn Owners: Nope, just build a net.

Why not build a slide? That way they can fall a certain distance and slide back to their desk and continue working?"