Divinity II : The Dragon Knight Saga Review - writes : "Flames of Vengeance is an extension of exceptional quality"

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BillOreilly2814d ago

Its sad that NOBODY cares about this. Best rpg of the year but people wont but it because its not black ops. Not one comment. Eco Draconis was amazing and now The Dagon Knight Saga blows it out of the water and is the definitive edition to play. Very good review and i hear great things about this on the Larian forums, sounds like the dev acually care and listen to the fans. PICK THIS UP if you love rpgs.

bjh0892814d ago

divinity 2 was a terrible game i was super dissapointed i played the demo and liked it than played the game and wow epic fail

Raider692814d ago

divinity 2 was not a bad rpg!On the 360 technical it was a mess,lots of screen tearing framerate not stable!But i have played the old and the new version and they have achive a much smother performance this time around!Its a totally different game on the 360 technical speaking!

Baka-akaB2814d ago (Edited 2814d ago )

it wasnt just the 360 version , it was a mess on pc too .
I'm glad for those who care that the expansion improved it ... but the gamebryo engine is just awfully buggy , as seen with bethesda games and warhammer online .

kasasensei2814d ago

This game looks EPIC, it's on my TOP3 games to buy until the end of the year. I love Larian Studios!