Who Needs Buttons? – Kinect First Impressions

"Today is November 5th and that would mean that Kinect came out yesterday. I was fortunate enough to try Kinect out for several hours yesterday while visiting some friends and my first impression of the Kinect were better than I had expected. The motion sensor works very well, and despite it not having buttons it still managed to give me full control over the my in game persona."

Cody @ VideoGameBlogger

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codyodiodi2693d ago

It's motion controls at it's best.

darthv722692d ago

there will be a combination of titles that use both kinect and a controller. Not every game can be body controlled alone.

"You are the controller" is a great slogan and i do believe there will be some good games that live up to it. I also believe that MS has some even better hybrid titles to show soon enough.

DigitalRaptor2693d ago (Edited 2693d ago )

No one NEEDS buttons, but if you want a more solid and complex experience, buttons are still king.

For what Kinect offers, it seems to be doing it fairly well.

codyodiodi2692d ago

In the article it talked about how buttons are still important. But they aren't required to play games anymore like they once were. These games can actually be fairly complex too.

Biggest2692d ago

I have one question in response here.

Are they?

ASSASSYN 36o2692d ago

I am highly impressed with kinect. It works so perfect. Bowling works, and the boxing game in kinect sports is kiddie but very functional. I was throwing complex combos and knocking the AI out! Kinect accurately detected all my punches.

Bigpappy2692d ago

One of the biggest factors for me is that most Kinect game are fully supportrd by XBL. And here is the big kicker: No efing lag! I played boxing and tennis online, and they worked flowlessly. Got to give it to Rare. Kinect Sports is a huge leap over Wii Sports. No fanboy crap here-- I own a Wii and Wii Sports. Kinect is on a whole new level. Sorry if any one is offended. But that is the truth.