Kotaku: A Video Game That Dares To Make Americans Angry

Kotaku: "Early on, in what would be cliche in film but feels novel in a game, my character was arrested in his U.S. apartment by Korean occupation police, handcuffed, shoved into a bus and forced to ride past lines of Americans taken prisoner. As the bus rolled past, I saw enemy soldiers roughing up civilians.And then I heard the pitched, despairing voice of a mother telling her child not to look. To turn away. To not let what was going to happen next be an unforgetable scar. The scene came into view: a child wailing as his parents are lined up against a wall and shot to death.

I wanted to climb out of that bus and take action. Soon, a resistance fighter rammed the bus with a truck, freed my character and handed me a machine gun. For the first time in a war game, I wanted to make the bad guys pay."

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Sackdude2542d ago (Edited 2542d ago )

So its ok to see Middle eastern, Asian, European civil being killed but its NOT ok to kill American civil in a game?

Americans are hypocrites.

I hope someone makes a game were you play as Middle eastern or Russian or Japanese against the enemy America.

America real terrorist and the others fight for freedom and against oil and uranium occupation.

AntoineDcoolette2542d ago

Hi, I'm a terrorist apparently simply because I was born into citizenship of the States.

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Dozer2542d ago

Don't say you Americans as if the entire population believes that. Many people know that it was extremists and don't hold all people of that faith accountable.

I don't agree with all of which my country has done, however don't accuse Americans of generalizations and then do the very same thing yourself. That makes you a hypocrite.

And yes, a lot of people in this country ARE like zombies and believe everything the media feeds them. But again its not everyone.

Chug2542d ago

I have a feeling you're talking to a brick wall.

Longrod_Von_Hugendon2542d ago

And you don't see the error of your comment by painting all Americans with the same brush? Why do you even feed this ridiculous situation with your time, thoughts in the first place?

Active Reload2542d ago

Us Americans are better than everyone else in the world. Tropic Thunder alone proves this!

Joking =P

Sarcasm2542d ago

Wow I'm used to seeing console fanboys on here, but downright American-hating activists? That's new even for N4G.

Since "samsamurai" has taken the mantle to group all Americans into one category, I think it's only right that wherever he's from, his entire country is American hating activists as well.

4pocalyps32542d ago

Hey! What do you mean...."you people"?

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OtherWhiteMeat2542d ago

You sound like a future suicide bomber.

AllroundGamer2542d ago (Edited 2542d ago )

just their government is full of retards, but that's probably in every country, they are only playing the game who's d1ck is bigger...(George Carlin rulz!) also americans are just way too religious IMHO, which is saying a lot about their way of thinking (shallow and naive).

DelbertGrady2542d ago

Alot of countries mix religion with politics in a bad way. The US are far from the worst.

zireno2542d ago

I agree to a certain extent with you. It would be nice to be another country killing americans for a change, and THAT would really piss them off. I'm just tired of this american super soldiers saving the day. Yeah yeah, I know a lot of you will probably come at me with that crap about being the best country evaaaa, I don't care, I just want something different and you can live in your little bubble world.

AllroundGamer2542d ago

the super soldier thing - insecurity, like if you got a small package, you gotta make yourself big by loud shouting and be an uberdouchebag :)

Sarcasm2542d ago

Someone else is living in their own bubble. If you really want to see it, by all means go create a video game about killing Americans just to satisfy your sick need.

And last I checked, even games like MW2 have British soldiers playing the heroes. And doesn't it occur to anyone that most games are made in America will *gasp* have American influence?

MisterNiwa2542d ago

Always these Americans, geez.

STONEY42542d ago (Edited 2542d ago )

Our country is full of hypocrites. Just look at how stupid our president is, and how the "army" isn't actually accomplishing anything. They're there for the oil, and the war economy DOES exist.


Hypocrites, everyone here in the US automatically assumes a middle-eastern or Muslim is a "TEEERRROORRIIIRIST" . Oh, and it's totally okay to kill people, even civilians, you know, since they're ZOMG MUSLIM TEEEERRROOORRRIST.

Oh, especially Fox News, who has to add TEEERRROORR in ever friggin sentence, since it scares the mass public. Everyone who proves them wrong? Let's "hang up" and blame it on technical difficulties, or just keep interrupting him every second.

Oh, gotta love how the Russians have been the enemies in tons of games and movies recently. Seriously, what have they done? Next thing you know, we'll be fighting Brazilians in a game about the military. Oh, wait...

Darth Gamer2542d ago

I love as soon as a game is being made where americans are getting gunned down, all of the American bashers come out of the woodworks. OOOhh look, Americans are getting shot, how does that make you feel "YOU FILTHY AMERICAN SCUM"(Like this shit actually pisses us off.) Yes, I'm American and No, this wont get me angry. Lord knows I've shot enough German Nazi and KGB and Taliban, as well as Japanese and Korean in other games I've played. I've also shot many americans as well, So this won't bother me one bit. But I just loath how every other person from another contry all of a sudden turns into a "America is the Real Terorist" shit talker. They mention nothing of the good that America does, and that it seems like were the only damn country Trying to defend the good countries and fight the real terrorists. (God forbid the French actually get off their asses and fight for something) We have to beg and plead to get others involved or until a bombing happens in thier peaceful country. (A bus in London, subway in Spain.) Anyway, I'm done with my simple rant for now, so bring on the American bashing and how we are all fat and stupid and lazy,(WHICH IS A LOAD OF SHIT BY THE WAY), it won't bother me one bit as well as every other American. We still stand proud for our country and will keep fighting for what is right. You guys just keep sitting on your lazy asses and keep pretending everythings alright.

Fulensenca2542d ago

Maybe also because is not so easy to do a long list about that ( ? )

Darth Gamer2542d ago

@ Fulensenca

I think its more like you have your head up your ass or too caught up in your own special world to notice.

Fulensenca2542d ago

Enlighten me then, American.

Darth Gamer2542d ago (Edited 2542d ago )

@ Fulensenca

Where are you from and secondly, I think I would rather read your HUGE list of the BAD that America does. I'm not going to try to educate. So, give me your list.

Let me tell you why America always seems to get a bad wrap. It's because we take the first step. EXAMPLE....When was the last time spain said "hey, we need to stop this _______ over here in this country because this just isn't right and something needs to be done about it." Back when Balboa walked the earth!!!

I will let you in on this bit of good though, I sponsor a little girl from the philippines every month and give money to her family to help them survive. WHAT DO YOU DO TO HELP BIG MOUTH!!

Fulensenca2542d ago (Edited 2542d ago )

@ Darth Gamer: I' m from a country that I' m not proud of also if I know that makes good things too.

But I' ll tell you a thing. What I can' t stand is that it is always like someone can not even afford to doubt that the Americans can be wrong, because they are right always, they're right by birthright, they are the elect from god to show to the world what is right bringing peace, freedom, human rights and much more. With a war.

They rule the world, if you don' t agree with them you are the enemy, but up everything you are wrong, because you don' t think as an american.

You americans ( I'm talking in general, it' s obvious that I know you are not all the same! I have some american friends and they are some of the best I ever had, and you know what? Some of them think that I do not live in my own world, but I see the world for what it really is. They are my friends also because of that ) are the most specialized in war. You are always in war. To bring peace and other cool stuff. You want to teach what civilization is ... using white phosphorus ( it is considered a war crime to use it even on the military ) over people of Afganistan for example. Not militia, people that don' t care about the war, about America, about oil, arms market ( ... ) and you want from me a list of the good thing that USA does? What? Big cars? McDonalds?

But this topic is too big to talk about here, and I' m sure you will never understand what I was trying to say.
I' m also sure you will keep thinking "you have your head up your ass or too caught up in your own special world" about me. No problem, you can insult me as much as you want, I' ll stick to watch the world for what it is.

VandimionX2542d ago

That list would be extremely easy to start right off the top of my head.

For example:
The fact you are even using the Internet is due to America...or did you not know it was developed by the US Military?

I mean, it's not hard to think of things invented by Americans that other countries take for granted and use everyday. Airplanes, computers, electricity, the light bulb, telephones, goes on and on. I don't know why people say Americans are useless and do no good. Take a look at your own country first, I mean...jeez. Our bad reputation is completely unwarranted, it's like when everyone criticizes celebrities solely because they are in the limelight; if it was anyone else you wouldn't be expected to care as much, if not at all. We get a spotlight because we were a HUGE superpower and had a great economy, but that's obviously changing, and probably for the best.

And no, I don't think America is the best at everything.

Fulensenca2542d ago (Edited 2542d ago )

@ VandimionX: I understand what you say very well, I know that America means also good things ( but from what I know both the telephone and the computer were not invented in USA ), but the real problem is that a lot ( not all, of course ) of american people don ' t understand why America is so much hated.

America acts always with a too arrogant attitude, I' ll do a stupid example: who wins the NBA championship claims to be World Champion.
I know the americans teams are probably way better than any other nation in the world, but NBA is just a USA + Canada tournament! It isn' t a world tournament. Too much arrogance, too often in too many things, some also very important.

And some people in America are stupefied because a lot of people in the world can' t stand USA ..?!!

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VenomProject2542d ago

Stop grouping all Americans into one lump, moron.

gamerdude1322542d ago

You're a douche. You speak as if every American is a redneck dipshit that's racist and stupid. After 9/11, we engaged in combat with the Muslim extremists. Just because you are a little bleeding heart doesn't mean that everything us dumbass Americans do is stupid. Tell me, Sam, where do you live? If you generalize us by just a few people, I can generalize your country by saying you're a bunch of America-hating, leftist extremists that are jealous of what our country has to offer that your country doesn't. Smart people that know when people have crossed the line.

FOXDIE2542d ago

no problem buddy, ill make that game! Ill send you a free cope when its done, thats a promise!

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C L O U D2542d ago

It is funny when the American flag is everywhere in their country.
Might even be on the bottom of their shoe.

FOXDIE2542d ago

my toilet paper is made of the American flag, no joke!

OhReginald2542d ago

I am an american and I don't care lol I just want to shoot em up some bad guys. YEEE HAAAWWW!

demonddel2542d ago


TANUKI2542d ago

By "sky people" are you referring to Bioshock Infinite? Just joking! lol

C L O U D2542d ago

Tell me about it right,


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