Fallout New Vegas: Why waiting for DLCs? The first mods are incoming

The mod called Red Rock Ranch adds a well fortified player home to New Vegas. The Ranch is located between the buzz of New Vegas and the idyll of the rural Nevada.

- Well fortified ranch in prime location between New Vegas and the prime hunting areas of the Red Rock National Park.
- Fully equipped operating room.
- Coasy bedroom
- Average-sized armory.
- Outside corn field (respawning).
- Fallout Bunker with all the amenities of a pre-war home - designed for living underground for months at a time without outside contact.
- Hydroponics and storage room (respawning) - grow your own food.
- Camping area - for the outdoor survivalist.
- PLENTY of storage.
- Lookout / shooting range from the roof - might be lucky to get one of those pesky geckos in your sights.
- Fully Navmeshed.
- Oven scripts
- Spa area
- Electrified fence
- Combat vehicle (not driveable)
- Lots of radios

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NegativeCreepWA2754d ago

Downloading now, best one I've seen so far.

Charmers2753d ago

It should be noted that this mod also comes with a pretty cool "mini quest" which quite a surprise, but I won't say anything else. This is a fantastic mod and every PC gamer with Fallout NV should install it.