IGN: Battlefield Play 4 Free Preview

When EA unveiled Battlefield Heroes at the turn of 2008 it couldn't have been more different from its more po-faced inspiration if it tried; an exaggerated shooter with aggressively stylised characters cheerfully lining up headshots, while its fundamentals were familiar its aesthetic suggested that EA wanted to keep this offshoot ringed off from the series proper.

Battlefield Play 4 Free, a new addition that builds upon Heroes' model, is different.

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IMChampion2724d ago

Coming from a PC gaming background I was really happy to see this relaunch. Disappointed though that its only on the PC and not on consoles since its now literally out of my comfort zone. I left the days of bending over my monitor hurting my back and fingers to play, its just so much easier with a controller. If the game however does support controllers, I'll rethink this whole thing.

IaMs122723d ago (Edited 2723d ago )

Im a PC gamer as well, as well as consoles, but man you have bad posture then or did you really sit there that long?

oh i didnt disagree either

Hideo_Kojima2723d ago

I think his just exagerating but a coach is going to be more comfortable than a desk chair.

Unless you have a set up like this:

Trunkz Jr2723d ago

It's the same engine only revamped, you should still be able to play it on your older PC AND it's a PC - it's really not hard to learn how to play FPS with a mouse and keyboard :)

iNcRiMiNaTi2723d ago

It's Strike at Karkand! :3

This map and conquest mode should bring back some good BF2 memories. Do want

JussBlazn2723d ago

bf2 gone free 2 play? SWEET! i love bf2!

Microsoft_Spokesman2723d ago

Man I'm excited! A fun game that my laptop can (might) actually handle :O!

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