Condemned 2 Entering Alpha Stage

Dave Hasle, Senior Producer at Monolith Productions states:
"We're now pushing forward with our Game Design Alpha. It's at this phase that we've turned our attention more closely to the specific needs of the Level Designer. All the models, animations, engineered systems, audio files, world art prefabs and environments are now coming together to hopefully give us that gameplay experience that we all want so badly."

Follow the link for more info and some twisted conceptual artwork.

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Dr Pepper3977d ago

I can't wait for this game. More freedom in levels, two different endings, and awesome melee combat all make this game sound awesome. I can't wait to play through the doll factory level. Sounds like it will be more creepy than the huge store from the first one...

AngryHippo3977d ago freaking awesome....i loved the first one....brutality at its best. =0)

PS-Wii-603977d ago (Edited 3977d ago )

Now take that brutal melee combat, add new finishers, the ability to throw weapons and an "arena" style multiplayer element =)

Hobo Fight Club should be intense, and a refreshing change from online shooters.

monkey6023977d ago

I havent played the first one but I'm getting a 360 soon (I hope) and condemned is one of the games I shall be getting