Online Subscription Service for Call of Duty Coming Next Year?

Wedbush Morgan Securities analyst Michael Pachter has been talking about publishers, specifically Activision, launching online subscription services to better monetize the vast amounts of online play taking place these days. While Pachter thought it would happen by the end of the year, he's now backtracked on that, suggesting it will happen at some point in 2011 instead. Consequently, Wedbush has removed the Activision Blizzard stock from its Best Ideas List.

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donniebaseball2756d ago

Yeah, sad to say, but this is probably going to happen eventually and gamers will not be pleased.

danmachine2756d ago (Edited 2756d ago )

Its well known that they make there money through selling DLC. If they go down this route it will be suicide for the cod franchise. Activision know this, also if you had to pay to play cod why should xbox live users have to pay for a subscription.Paying twice for a service would just take the p**s.

If Activision want to earn extra money from COD the first place they should look is Microsoft and not the gamers, after all they are racking it in and 40% of xbox live subscribers join only to play cod. Microsoft should pay game developers like a TV network would get paid by the viewers it gets.

Basically Microsoft are making money from the game developers hard work and are not giving enough back to them.

slate912756d ago

So I guess Sony is innocent when it comes to their online community playing online games as well?

No it is in no way, shape, or form the companies responsibility to "give back" to game developers. Wtf? It's the companies that make the game popular and provide servers for the developers to base their games off of.

Nitrowolf22755d ago (Edited 2755d ago )

i think for activision this is a win-lose
If they did decide to go with this they have to consider live user are already paying meaning would they fork more money to play cod? of course there will be some but i think the most would be coming from PSN user since they are a free service, so they online is already free whereas 360 they pay 4 online, and now they need to stack up and payonline for a game on a service that they are already paying to play online.
acti will lose many buying on live from wat i think, but gain more on PSN. Reason is Live could potentiall be around 70-80 bucks a year with COD added. I mean i think 70 is just a minimum knowing Acti they could very well charge 20-30 bucks maybe even 40

but then again people are dumb this gen when it comes to COD (look at map packs sales)

for gamers we pretty much lose

RedDead2755d ago

Is it not illegal if they don't tell you about it before you buy the game?

LOOK_AT_THIS_I2755d ago

no its not illegal. in all TOS on games they state somewhere that they reserve the right to modify/cancel service at any time. basically once you press the agree button you are screwed. if they wanted to turn around the week after release they could shut down the servers. hell would be raised, perhaps someone would look out for the consumer but they have the right according to the 96 pg TOS agreement you have to skim through when signing up/or that is hidden online in the back of the manual.

I will never pay a subscription fee to play a single game, there are way too many other games that will offer just as much enjoyment who dont have to nickel and dime the fans to make money short of your initial purchase of the game.

Sparticus_12755d ago (Edited 2755d ago )

It will NOT affect cod players...the sheeple and puppets will pay for it...just like they run each year and pick up the same game with a new facelift.

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DigitalAnalog2755d ago


-End statement


If they do this, then I am done with Call of Duty period.

avengers19782755d ago

I won't pay any money to play an online shooter, COD might be a good game but there are a ton of good FPS to play online so unless they all do that I won't pay for it.

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scar202756d ago

Who cares cod is dead now the last game i ever bought was cod4.

donniebaseball2756d ago

A lot of people still play if you don't and they will be up in arms if there's an extra charge for online.

ddurand12756d ago

maybe its dead to you, but the 10+ million people that are going to buy it in the coming weeks would disagree.

multipayer2755d ago

They are also dead to me.

SkylineR2755d ago

COD is dead cos you stopped playing it? Tell that to 18mil or so people who are predicted to buy it before year's end...

I've said it before and I'll say it again; STFU Patcher. He doesn't know when to shut up! And now removing activision from this list is like saying "I can't predict, so we'll remove you from this investor list until you start charging for oine play and then I'll be "right". F}%khead!!

Chnswdchldrn2755d ago

does not mean that it is not dead

what those 18 million sheeple will be playing is NOT what the original cod was, because it IS dead.

what they are buying is a pathetically easy skill-less game that offers cheap and shallow thrills

-Alpha2755d ago (Edited 2755d ago )


Wow, you are at the height of arrogance.

The game is dead because it's not like the original...yet the same people complain that it's a reskin. Make up your minds.

Did you call 18 million people sheep because in YOUR opinion the game is skill-less and cheap? You were kidding, right?

I suppose this means if you play it you will rank in the top score? I can understand calling MW2 cheap, but like many others you use that game alone to act as if this is what the whole franchise is.

The game has always offered me more thrills and excitement than any other shooter. No other game has come close to the intensity of a team tactical game, or being the last guy in S&D. And I assure you that the millions of others also enjoy the game just as much, so please, if you are going to say that it lacks skill, make sure you understand that it's your opinion and that you have no right to call 18 million people sheep as if you know what's good for them

Bell Boy2756d ago

Suck it up all you COD are about to be royally shafted

cmrbe2756d ago

Dam i was hoping for it.

Mr2Good32756d ago

dont care, I will be busy playing KZ3, and other FPS games. This game will be glitzed out in 5 months any way.

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