Interview: ECA General Counsel Jennifer Mercurio on Schwarzenegger v. EMA

Bitmob legal correspondent Victoria Mercer: California Supervising Deputy Attorney General Zackery Morazzini did not have a great Tuesday. His opening arguments in the case of Schwarzenegger v. EMA, which will decide if a state can prohibit the sale of violent games to minors, didn't seem to make much headway with the court.

"You are asking us to create a whole new prohibition which the American people never ratified when they ratified the First Amendment.... What’s next after violence? Drinking? Smoking?" asked Justice Antonin Scalia. (You can find a full transcript here.)

I got a chance to talk with the Entertainment Consumers Association's VP and General Counsel, Jennifer Mercurio, and get her impressions of the case and how it's going so far.

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Sadie21002629d ago

That's crazy that these things take so long. If I were a judge, I think I could figure this out in a couple of days!