Kotaku: Xbox 360 Kinect Stress Test, Technology Vs. Dogs, Darkness, Disguises

Kotaku:"The Xbox 360 Kinect can be confused by large dogs and wildly flailing children. Those are two stress tests that Microsoft's controller-free add-on failed in a series of trials involving lighting, human and dog distraction, rubber masks and voice confusion. The audio and vocal tests returned mixed results, but everything else we threw at the Kinect it handled with flying colors.

The Kinect uses a set of cameras and an IR sensor to detect player movement and translate it into gameplay. The question is, just how well lit, how perfectly lit does your room have to be for Kinect to work? Totilo took this challenge on, checking out the Kinect in the pitch black of his room at night and the bright sunshine of an early afternoon play session. Here are the results."

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