10 Most Acrobatic Characters In Video Games

GB writes: "It’s always great to see video game characters running vertically upwards on walls that seem unscalable at first site, or jumping from rooftop to rooftop, or killing enemies with the help of crazy, unmatchable agility. We at GamingBolt have written this article as an ode, you might say, to these acrobatic video gaming figures who have made us fantasize about running up walls so many times before… some of us have even broken a bone or two thanks to them."

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UNCyrus2758d ago

What about Ryu from Ninja Gaiden and Faith from Mirror's Edge?

UnSelf2758d ago

dante better be number 1 on that list

jus youtube any dmc3 cutscene

DasBunker2758d ago

lol fail.. no ryu or faith.. WTF Ryu is way more agile than kratos... and the fact that they named both characters for asscreed makes it a greater fail.

Quagmire2757d ago

NO FAITH?! As much as I adore Ezio, Altair, Prince, Drake, and everyone else's skills, how the HELL can you not have faith?


specialguest2758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )

Nathan Drake shouldn't be listed so high, and there are plenty of video game characters that are more acrobatic than Kratos.

Where's Ryu from Ninja Gaiden? Ryu has wall runs, front and back flips, and wall flips, yet he's not even number 10. Kratos does a standard 16bit era platforming game double jump, and that's it.

Lightsaber2758d ago

drake from UC seriously fail on that one and where the hell is spiderman in that list

cyborg2758d ago

I think Ezio should have been a touch lower and Kratos is really down at the bottom :S

TheGrimBunny2758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )

Assassin's Creed characters, most acrobatic, they are like super heroes.

gameseveryday2758d ago

I'd go with the girl from Mirror's Edge.

gameseveryday2758d ago

Being a personal fan of Solid Snake, I hate to say it that Snake is not an acrobatic guy, there is no doubt he is bad ass but he cannot kill Metal Gear Kratos style!

Daigoji_Gai2758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )

Rash, I gotta disagree with you there:

MGS3: Naked Snake - the HALO drop, his CQC
MGS1 remake - TWIN SNAKES: Dude, he flips off of a rocket fired by the Liquid's helocopter
MGS2: Ok, maybe the one where he really was sluggish, but it takes some serious agility to do the GW bridge jump onto the marine ship.
MGS4: Possibly the only exception to the rule

I think the thing is, Snake is highly agile, he just doesn't waste energy on unneccessary flashy moves, but if you remember from some of the more memorable cutscenes from the franchise, when he needed to he could be quite agile.

EDIT: Though I will admit, compared to the people on the list, Snake would have to push himself to keep up with say Enzo. Just like Machete don't text, Snake don't do no parkour

uzair212758d ago

Where is that guy from Just Cause 2?

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