Microsoft Not Fixing Xbox 360 RROD Problems

Andru Edwards from Gearlive writes:

"The image you see above isn't some generic image we grabbed off the net - it's my personal Xbox 360. I know what you might be thinking - another one? Yeah, another one - but there is a bit more to this story. This Xbox 360 you see above has been used for all of 20 minutes. You see, about three weeks ago my old box 360 crashed and was giving me the three Red Lights of Doom. I sent it in for repair, and today I finally got a replacement. This actually is a replacement - they didn't fix the one I sent in, they just sent me a new one.

This one happened to have been manufactured on 8/15/2007. Anyway, I got it in the mail, hooked everything up, went through the Dashboard configuration, and started playing a demo. Fatal Intertia. We got tired of that after about ten minutes, and decided to boot up the demo of Stranglehold. We got through the opening sequence when everything froze. Fair enough. I had to manually turn the Xbox 360 off because it wouldn't even respond to the guide button. I turned it back on, and was presented with yes another Three Red Ring Circus."

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s8anicslayer4128d ago

a brand new 360 out of the box and you got ringed?i think not

Presidentjr4128d ago

Just wait till a Halo 3 is released, all of this will be in the distant past. But I just hope you get your 360 checked before the game. Am sure we will see numerous people complaining about their 360 dieing soon as the game came out or close to the games release.

beavis4play4128d ago

to 1- what do you mean you think not? the guy shows you the box. he's telling you what happened. are you that much of a fanboy to think this is a made up? what good would it do to fake this story. it's common knowledge that the 360 has some internal hardware problems. and 1.1-if if fact the hardware issue isn't being addressed by ms, why would you think halo will make it go away. if anything, playing halo continuously for long periods of time would cause the RROD to happen. i don't want people to have issues, but until this issue stops, ms needs to do more to fix it. ignoring it isn't the answer.

DrRage774128d ago

the reason this seems HIGHLY unlikely from a brand new xbo360 manufactured 8-15-07 is because the 3 red ring of death happens when the 360 starts overheating and then the motherboard warps a bit which causes the gpu connections to pull away from each other.....the warping of the motherboard is not something that would happen within 20 minutes, or even within 20 hours...

WaggleLOL4128d ago (Edited 4128d ago )

Dreamcast 360
Worst. Console. Ever.

Quick Xbots! Scamper off to as many console forums as you know and make up more lies about how you had a PS2 last generation and "had to replace it like 5 times!!!"

eLiNeS4128d ago (Edited 4128d ago )

I have the Elite and it just RROD on me today just before I was about to click download for the new TimeShift DEMO. I turned it off, used a can of air and got any dust out I could and it boot ed fine. I will be taking it back to Costco before HALO 3 comes out. I don't mess with Xbox CSRs. I take advantage of Costcos lifetime warranty at no extra charge.

Well back to COD 4 bEtA, no reason to cry about it. You have to pay to play the best!!! HALO 3 FTW!!!

EDIT: I swear, this site is over run by PofS 3 fandroids!!!! 5 Disagree and 0 Agree's! I know no Xbox 360 fanboy would Disagree, just worthless Fony fandroids with no life and no games to play. I said it before and I will say it again, "I would rather have a broken down Xbox 360 that I know is covered than a PofS 3 with no games even worth 2 cents, PERIOD!!!!!! Fony Fantards!

nasim4128d ago

who have to pay 100s of dollars from their own pockets to repair the defective consoles

s8anicslayer4128d ago

exactly!dr.rage,i can care less who's 360 rings, my point is that the system is to new for something like that too happen. maybe he got some other 360 that was in line to be fixed, by accident.

D_U_I4128d ago Show
Mu5afir4128d ago

The only additions to the newer manufactured Xboxs is the added heatsink, they didn't make any drastic changes to the system. So the probability of something like that happening shouldn't be a surprise.

uxo224128d ago

I'm not saying that this story is fake, but If I was to show someone that my brand new 360 made 15 Aug was RROD on me. I would have also showed a picture of the back of my machine to show it was an HDMI model.

Kind of wierd, something in the back of my mind just says...BULLSH!T. Don't know what it is dough. I could be wrong, story could be legit.

solidt124128d ago

When Halo 3 comes out everyone will be playing so of course there will be alot more of them breaking. That is just simple math. More people playing + For longer periods of time + More Heat = More failed systems

SlappyMcTaint4128d ago

"Just wait until Halo 3 is released." WTF does that mean? Is Halo 3 so good it will just heal your 360 and make it un-RROD-able? LOL, you xbots really are retarded. I'm sorry.

When Halo 3 is released, we'll see an even bigger flood of RROD'd 360's

gta_cb4127d ago

its called 3 year warrenty, soon as though the Xbox 360 hasnt even been out that long we dont have to pay if anything goes wrong!

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uxo224128d ago (Edited 4128d ago )

Okay, first off if I just got it, I would play it for a bit before changing my faceplate. And sure as hell wouldn't have changed the faceplate after it broke. I don't know, I kind don't beleive this story. I'm gonna give this one 3 turds. WOuld be nice to know his gamertag, to see when he was last logged into xbox live.

Edit: I take it all back, this guy has no reason to lie.

reaferfore204128d ago

I know there's a bunch of different SKU's with varying differences, but don't know which one to buy. I want to buy one sometime in the near future, but... come on. This is ridiculous.
People shouldn't have to worry about a major system failure in the first year. Nobody likes not being able to play their games for a couple of weeks; or worrying about having to do the same thing over again the next time. I guess I'll have to wait, until then I've got Warhawk to hold me over... oh yeah and my roommates Xbox/Wii those are nice too.

sak5004128d ago

So he was sent this one with the new face plate as well?

beavis4play4128d ago

since he probably paid for the face plate, maybe he took it off the old one before he sent it in. and anyways, if he was trying to make a bogus story do you really think he would photo the box with something so obvious as to give it away.

solidt124128d ago

Yeah man I just sent mine in last week and they ask you to remove your face plates, hardrives, no cables ect. I would of put my faceplate back on first too because it would be just sitting there.

snoop_dizzle4128d ago (Edited 4128d ago )

maybe not though becasue aren't they about to release those?

E3 05 limited edition?

something is weird here.

for those who don't know what I'm talking about click on the link and look on the right of the 360.

Delive4128d ago

A faceplate he got from that event, kept and when he received the new? 360, the thought would be that he's going to be keeping this one for a while, sooo lets go ahead and dress it up like the last one was. My guess.

tatical4128d ago (Edited 4128d ago )

The Falcon 360 is a poor revision in my opinion.

The Falcon 360:
65nm CPU
90nm GPU

Isn't the main problem with the GPU and not the CPU?

My thoughts:
MS must have originally planed to change the CPU first, THEN the GPU, before the RRoD was a wide-spread issue. After they discovered the GPU had heat issues, they should have made the GPU the highest priority.

WafflesID4128d ago

well if you are not a complete idiot fanboy then you already know that the new processor doesn't have anything to do with the RROD problem.

EVERY console goes to cheaper smaller manufacturing for their processors.

the new processor is ONLY making ANY mention in the "news" because of the RROD and people are retarded and think that ms is doing it BECAUSE of the RROD.

Bloodmask4128d ago (Edited 4128d ago )

360s came with the upgraded larger heatsink on the GPU??

I have to doubt that Microsoft would keep shipping defective units bc this will end up costing them more money in the end bc of repairs.

DrRage774128d ago

every single 360 manufactured starting towards mid-june has been manufactured with the added heatsink, along with all refurbs also...thats why again this story seems a bit unlikely...

Lifendz4128d ago

because they have such a steller history of not shipping malfunctioning products to consumers?

hfaze4128d ago

It's hard to say what all will cause the three red rings.. Nobody but Microsoft hardware knows for sure..

Also, this could just be an isolated bad unit that was just good enough to make it past QA in the factory...

Hard to say on this one...

kn4128d ago

I have a July unit that is a replacement for my failed 1st 360. Mine had a DVD failure and not the RROD. The one I have now was a new replacement, just like his... It has the new heatsink and obviously the newer CD ROM as it is quiet as a mouse. It doesn't run anywhere NEAR as hot as the previous unit did. Clearly the heat sink is working.

That said, there are all sorts of things that could have gone wrong. The fans in the rear could have been left unplugged when it was assembled. A fan could have failed. The heat sink may not have been attached properly during assembly. All sorts of human error could cause this to happen -- old or new hardware.

This is, of course, assuming it is legit. Either way, there WILL be failed hardware regardless. It will never be perfect...

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