Jimmy Fallon Pulls A Kinect Oprah

Kotaku:"Xbox 360 Kinect's third appearance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon features Microsoft's Kudo Tsunoda without sunglasses, the Vampire Diaries' Nina Dobrev playing Dance Central, and ends with everybody in the audience scoring a Kinect bundle.

Kinect first appeared on Fallon's show last year as Project Natal, where it performed admirably. It's second appearance back in June of this year didn't go quite as smoothly, with noticeable lag between the players and Kinect Adventures."

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gigaware2691d ago

Jimmy is a avid gamer and has been excited about Kinect the day he first seen it.

Cevapi882691d ago

what's with the Nope? did you just decide to read the title...everybody in his audience got a free kinect bundle, he pulled an Oprah by giving support to kinect and advertising it on his show...him being a gamer is only a plus

gigaware2691d ago

Oprah invented giveaways :/

Cevapi882691d ago

and where did i say that she invented giveaways? both gave support to kinect and advertised what the tech can do...the giveaways are solely Microsoft's doing, they did at E3 with the new 360 redesign, with Oprah and now Fallon, if anything it only gives more consumers insight into what kinect does, this way word of mouth spreads with the casual audience that follow mainly Oprah and/or Fallon

Downtown boogey2691d ago

Avid gamer my ass. He was practically incapable of playing Killzone 3 and Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit.

kaveti66162691d ago

It's possible to love games and still suck at playing them.

gigaware2691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

I didn't say you said that. That was me reasoning behind my original comment. Jimmy spreading gamer passion love.

"Avid gamer my ass. He was practically incapable of playing Killzone 3 and Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit."

What's your point? I can't play those games either the controls suck A$$ in those games, hated the NFS demo and beat KZ and returned it the same day. Too use to playing other FPS and Forza 3. My god the NFS controls suck there as bad as Ridge Racer.

Downtown boogey2691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

What the hell are you doing here then if you can't play games?
...Wait... It's pretty obvious you're just a HC 360 fanboy :/

n4gno2691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

More with kZ3, 3D...and without move (best motion controler)

by the way, the propaganda/us marketing is in full force, they don't invent, they don't make great games, but for marketing, no one can beat them (they even push sheep to believe irak had massive destruction weapon).

"Gamers and non-gamers will eat this up "

misinformed non gamers who like US tv show, probably, gamers and others, probably not.

Mamajuana2691d ago

I agree with you gigaware. I watch this show when I work

nickjkl2691d ago

with this campaign theres no way kinect isnt going to sell

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dtrain212691d ago

Kinect is gonna be crazy this holiday. Gamers and non-gamers will eat this up

Boody-Bandit2691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

This member above does have Kinect and a couple games to go with it. He sent me pics. He may come off harsh but at least he isn't a bullsh*ter. Nice display btw dtrain. I have that very setup in my family room.

I tried Kinect out today at a friends. Not my cup of tea but it does work. He bought it for his kids. They are enjoying it. He is too but tried to play cool guy and pretend he wasn't.

Price is the reason I don't get one. I don't see myself playing the current library more than a handful of times at best. My wife likes Dance Central though so I might pick one up at Christmas. If we do end up getting one I will be like my friend and pretend I don't enjoy it as well.

Hades13372691d ago

Kinect looks like a great gadget to pull out at parties. Hope it comes down in price soon.

scar202691d ago

Dam i would slam that asian chick.

John-1172691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

And I would so "slam" you

cereal_killa2691d ago

And I would so "slam" you

Uhh dude don't ya mean his Avatar. Scar20 could possibly be a guy unless you swing that way which is cool I guess

10thnightvolley2691d ago

what is this a slam train... ? that has triple x written all over it.

DaCajun2691d ago

No that is called pathetic no life gamers who can't get any acting all big like they would ever even get to talk to her. Scar would probably have a twitching nerd gasm 10 ft from her and embarrass himself with the big wet spot on his pants in front of everyone. Grow up kids.

And you nerds ever wonder why you are still single and virgins? BTW your sheep or other furry animals don't count freaks.

ct032691d ago

Wait, Nina Dobrev was on the show playing Kinect?

*offtofindhighdefinitionversi onofthis*

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