Killzone 3 pad lag measured (Eurogamer)

Guerrilla Games says that Killzone 3's control system has been substantially improved over its predecessor's. Last week's limited release of the Killzone 3 multiplayer beta was a golden opportunity to put these claims to the test, and forms a small part of an extensive tech analysis set to be posted on the Digital Foundry blog tomorrow.

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R2D22813d ago (Edited 2813d ago )

That's the main reason I loved KZ2 - If I wanted to play COD or Halo I would buy those games.

Edit: Thanks edwin, I must admit that I did not like the feel of it at first - here is one of my comments

"I’v been playing FPS games for 12 years now.
I am in disbelief that a developer can release something this brilliant graphically
and not understand that the whole world has been playing games with controls that perform like a Ferrari. And they send us a game with control delay, heavyness that feels like I’m driving a FUCKING BUS instead of a Ferrari. COD4 controls rock!
Ultimately the consumer is always right, if they dont fix the controls in a months time we will all be playing other games again.
You cant go backwards with something as fundamental as the controls of a game.
Fix this thing GG. You did a great job with everything else, if you refuse it will only show the world how proud you are!"

But I gave it a chance and it growed on me and I love how its a diffrent game than COD and Halo - here is hoping that the heavyness feeling is still there.

thebudgetgamer2813d ago

you know we can't have things being different.

visualb2813d ago

and controller feel.

lag was fixed

feel is probably smoother, but pretty much the same

edwineverready2813d ago (Edited 2813d ago )

It still has a kz feel. The new controls are just adding to the gameplay. I personally am less frustrated will playing kz3 then i was playing kz2. you will love the new i hate cod) @r2d2 I also loved the controls in kz2. it also took me a long time to get used to, but i think this time around they are better. the weight feeling is still here and the guns just feel sooooo good. just feels like you are using real guns

jack_burt0n2813d ago

bubs+ for decent comment.

Mr2Good32813d ago

this is the best fps ever. lol ( flame bait comment )

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