Amazing Ads Created by Sony PlayStation Move; Battle Against Kinect Just Beginning

Sony is trying to get more sales and attention for their new game device, the PlayStation Move. So, they created this amazing advertisement to promote the Move as a whole new game console.

The video advertisement first aired during last night's South Park episode, using a commercial that had been posted by kevin butler on YouTube about a month ago.

It looks like Sony is taking Kinect seriously as this commercial is longer and is timed right before Kinect's launch.

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seinfan2477d ago

Two liabilities going head to head, fool!

DORMIN2477d ago

Pew Pew Pew

This should get interesting

TheLastGuardian2477d ago (Edited 2477d ago )

Move ads are better and Sony didn't have to spend half a billion to make them. Kinect could've cured cancer with that kind of cash.

I think gigaware meant to say Kinet is no competition for the Move.

n4gno2477d ago (Edited 2477d ago )

Yep, no battle, move is for gamers and casuals, the more accurate motion controler, kinecteyetoy only for casuals.

EDit : why people are interested by marketing strategy, sells here ? only fanboyz and share holders are more interested by marketing, add, sells than games.

Heartnet2477d ago

They are good and funny adverts so :P

Sashamaz2477d ago

Its the same shit recycled over and over again, seriously you anti fanboy freaks are worse than 'WE' fanboys.

deadreckoning6662477d ago (Edited 2477d ago )

Gigaware is absolutely right.

Move and Kinect are for different markets. MOST gamers don't own BOTH a 360 and PS3, so in the majority of cases, if a gamer were interested in motion controls, he/she would just get the one thats available on their console.

A person who only has a PS3(and is interested in motion controls) is NOT going to spend $300+ just to play Kinect.

And a person who only has a 360(and is interested in motion controls) is NOT going to spend $300+ just to get Move.

Unless your consumed by ignorance...there is NO battle between Move and Kinect.

"why people are interested by marketing strategy, sells here ? only fanboyz and share holders are more interested by marketing, add, sells than games."

1. Why do YOU care that we care?

2. Just because gamers are interested in sales doesn't mean that they are fanboys, more sales means better support for the platform.

However, if ur obsessed with the idea of one console outselling ANOTHER console..then yes, yes u are a fanboy...because their is no rational way a gamer can benefit from the PS3 outselling the 360 or vice versa.

@Disagrees- Classic N4G. People would prefer hiding behind a disagree button than provide a logical argument LOL.

darthv722477d ago

i wish some would take that to heart. I think some just go looking to pick a fight and thats why they just cant leave well enough alone.

AceofStaves2477d ago


I can't see either Move or Kinect getting people who own only a PS3 or 360 to buy the other console just to use the motion controllers. At least not until there's compelling exclusive software to justify the purchase.

raWfodog2477d ago

and I am interested in neither, at this point.

I have a hard time seeing a lot of casual gamers picking up a 360 or PS3 just to get Kinect or Move. And even though it may appear at face value that these two techs are in direct competition with each other, once you pull back the layers you can see that the only ones who really care if one does better than the other are fanboys.

UltraNova2477d ago

The real deal here guys is people who own a Wii and want to upgrade which one they will choose.

If by the word upgrade you mean choosing Kinect which appears to offer what the Wii did for the last 5 years then its your opinion/definition of the word.

I believe and therefore is my opinion that most Wii owners in there process of growing up (no pawn intended) or simply want something more engaging and mature will not opt for Kinect but for Move.

And that's were Sony's Move is primarily aiming and in my opinion accurately so. People who already own their ps3's and 360 will eventually give it try Move and Kinect respectively, I agree they wont buy the other console , unless someone offers something so radical and new which I dont see happening), its all about the untapped market.

lowcarb2477d ago

Great commercial but I don't see this as an attack on Kinect or Wii. This is just in time to raise some awareness for Move this coming black Friday and holidays. All MS ane Sony are doing is setting themselves up for next gen that way Wii can't run away with casuals again. Just seems like Sony guys here lately have only been caring about sales and not about games which one is lacking.

Odin7772477d ago

I think you underestimate how influential ads can be. For example: there is a girl in my music appreciation class who hardly ever played games and bought the Move recently due to sony's ads. I'm sure many other people are doing the same.

gigaware2477d ago (Edited 2477d ago )

But I was talking about people with their minds made up and excited and impressed with Kinect could care less about Move. Sony will not be able to compete with kinect on any level or in any context. Kinect will out sell Move by more than 5 to 1 and will massively boost Microsoft's market share. No way in hell will Sony be able to compete with Microsoft with a Wii clone against something so new, advanced and revolutionary.

commander2477d ago

so sick of these ppl. Claim superiority because you cant make a choice.

people who own 360s and ps3s are the people who early adopted the 360 found out it was garbage and then bought a ps3

blumatt2476d ago (Edited 2476d ago )

But the PS3 doesn't need its new motion control scheme to get 360 only owners to buy it. The PS3 has a ton of exclusives that are coming out for it that beg to be played. Twisted Metal, Socom 4, Resistance 3, Killzone 3, Gran Turismo 5, Versus 13 (if it stays exclusive. I hope so.), Motorstorm: Apocalypse, LittleBigPlanet 2, etc. And that's without even mentioning any Move games, though the only Move game that could get someone interested in buying a PS3 JUST for the Move would be Sorcery, which looks very intriguing.

dredgewalker2476d ago


Agreed. We all want both to sell well so that developers pay attention to them and make more games. But some people just argue just for the sake of feeling better with their purchase. I never imagined the gaming industry would turn out this big when I started out with an Atari and Intellevision.

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DEA Fresh2477d ago

Anybody else find it funny while watching the move commercial an ad for kinect pops up.

eliasg2477d ago

old technology . Kinect is the future!!!

frostypants2477d ago

Kinect is no more an improvement over the EyeToy than Move is over Wii.

10thnightvolley2477d ago

watched the ad... MEH! seen that b4

skrug2477d ago

seen, err rather i heard it (someone else was watching tv) about a month ago on tv in Canada.

Terror_B2477d ago

LOL, completely right, there will be no battle. No-one cares about Move, its nothing but a Wii-mote rip off. If people want to play games with a physical motion controller they will play a Wii where the games are designed for it. They way they have tacked on motion controls for PS3 games is laughable and the dedicated ones are pathetic.

Kinect is the newest and most innovative motion controller out there. Its even much more that a controller.

Sony fans have reached a new low bashing Kinect, they are really butthurt are are so raging that its getting all the attention.

Incipio2477d ago


Move is Wii + better tech and spacial recognition & tracking. You'd have to be a complete tech n00b like yourself to say it's just a ripoff.

Move has tons of potential, and I guarantee you'll know that just by playing ping pong, not to mention all the other games that are and will be DESIGNED WITH MOVE INTEGRATION.

ShadowRyuX2477d ago (Edited 2477d ago )

Sony should just get Oprah to talk about PS3 and the move on her show like Microsoft did with Kinect and watch their sales grow exponentially.

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Shanks2477d ago (Edited 2477d ago )

Kinda old.

-Alpha2477d ago (Edited 2477d ago )

Not only is it old but the article writer totally lied to create pointless controversy.

The video isn't new, Sony isn't using it to battle Kinect, and it isn't being promoted as a new console. On top of that he says "ads" when it's just the one same old one we've seen for a long time.

This has been on TV, it wasn't a Youtube exclusive, this website clearly lacks the ability to do some basic research.

The whole thing is a blatant lie, so why promote and approve it?

OSU_Gamer2477d ago (Edited 2477d ago )

Not to mention this line:

"So, they created this AMAZING advertisement to promote the Move as a whole new game console"

Thats non biased credibility at its finest.

Killed4Less2477d ago

"The whole thing is a blatant lie, so why promote and approve it?"

Desperate. Kinect is getting the love, Move is taking a back seat. Maybe not so much Sony themselves but their cult like following and journalists looking for hits.

Longrod_Von_Hugendon2477d ago

I never seen that ad before. Cool! Now that's how you demo a new product goddammit!. lol

Rayz3d6yW0lves2477d ago

They had tons of time to advertise Move and capitalize on the head start but they decided to use word of mouth instead. Now that kinect is HUGE and grabbing headlines they wanna try and steal the thunder? Who's in charge of Sony's marketing?? Strike when the iron is hot. Unless they want to try confuse best buy buyers again, make them believe move is actually kinect. I mean if they're dumb enough to buy firmware...

scar202477d ago

Well sony rather use the money they have to support game development rather than move i bought move and i like it hell even my friends have asked me if it was worth it and i told them yea.