Warhawk Gameplay Video

Warhawk came out this week and TheFeed has been enjoying it a lot. TheFeed wouldn't want to be accused of only bringing their readers movies of Xbox 360 games, so here's a taste of Warhawk.

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HeartlesskizZ4124d ago (Edited 4124d ago )

OMG my cusin is sending the game to me tomorrow from NA so ill get it in like 3 days, ill be so happy, this graphics are really nice.
I got a question. i have never seen a video of it so can someone tell me if u can parachute ur way out of a WH? just curious.

SmokeyMcBear4124d ago

i dont think so.. i tried that and it says that operation is not available or something like that, it would be cool to have, and to be in a warhawk and try to ram parachuters out of the sky.. hehe

HeartlesskizZ4124d ago

thanks for letting me know, is sad u cant, I got other question, is there any WHs for two passangers?

Siesser4124d ago

Every vehicle, including the Warhawks, can carry a passenger. In a WH though, the passenger has no control or firing ability. They can, however, look in 460 degrees. I guess if you wanted a navigator or someone to point out where you're being attacked, that's useful...

Lord Anubis4124d ago

there's something wrong with the colour in the video. It doesn't look like that on my tv. None of the guys in the warhawks used chaff granades nor did they use the hills to scrape the missiles.

SmokeyMcBear4124d ago

ooohhhh so thats how you get rid of missles.. i always just do whirly woos and get killed good to know

Lord Anubis4124d ago (Edited 4124d ago )

yeah, here are my tips.

Since I beta tested the game I gained a lot of experience in the warhawks.

When there are no hills dive for the water/land, as you are about to reach the bottom use the afterburners and go for the sky and hopefully if you did it right the missiles will be eating dust.

When you are being pursued go for hills and as you are making the turn hit on the brakes/decrease the throttle and if done right who ever is chasing you will pass by you giving you a chance to chase it down and obliterate.

Also, when you are in pursue fire the missiles at close range because it increases the chances of shutting down someone.

secur1ty9114124d ago

BOMB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bazookajoe_834124d ago

Carlsberg don´t do games. But if they did, they probably do warhawk;-)

HeartlesskizZ4124d ago

I dont know how this game got bad reviews, I see videos of it and I dont find anything wrong (well just my new parachute Idea) I just cant wait to play with my sister :)

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