Two Worlds 2: PC vs. Xbox 360 and PS3 - Graphics-Comparison

Here's a graphics comparison between the PC-version of Two Worlds 2 and the ones for PS3 and Xbox 360 Guess what? PC wins. No doubt. But the Xbox 360 versions looks great too. Only PS3 is like a year behind in graphics. Check the link and ignore the text. It's just blabla.

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vhero2812d ago

Wow look at this pic
The bar at the bottom of the screens.. seems PS3 is running at a higher resolution? Also PS3 blows 360 away.. Either way PC blows them both but you shouldn't compare PC to consoles.

r3p3lst33ltj32812d ago

Actually, the ps3 version looks better than xbox 360 in many of the screens except the first one. Much closer to the pc version in terms of lightning colour etc. Xbox version doesn't look any better with the super high contrast.

FanboyPunisher2812d ago is a shit website for any comparison.

Motion2811d ago

Not to mention that these images are compressed to hell and back. Hardly decent enough for accurate/adequate comparisons.