Microsoft and Sony battle again with Kinect and Move

SeatlePI: "After Nintendo threw a fireball into the video game industry with the Wii, Sony and Microsoft each asked the same question. And came to different answers.

"Can we do this without controllers and buttons?"

Or, perhaps more precisely, "Can we do what we want to do without controllers and buttons?"

Sony decided the answer was no, and the result is the PlayStation Move setup that launched in mid-September. Microsoft said yes, and developed what has become Kinect."

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deadreckoning6662756d ago (Edited 2756d ago )

Its just another flaimbait article. Move and Kinect are for different markets. MOST gamers don't own BOTH a 360 and PS3, so in the majority of cases, if a gamer were interested in motion controls, he/she would just get the one thats available on their console.

A person who only has a PS3(and is interested in motion controls) is NOT going to spend $300+ just to play Kinect.

And a person who only has a 360(and is interested in motion controls) is NOT going to spend $300+ just to get Move.

Unless your consumed by ignorance...there is NO battle between Move and Kinect.

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T9X692754d ago (Edited 2754d ago )

So was Wii when it launched and look at it now. Nintendo is rebooting DK, Kirby and a few others bringing them back to their roots, and don't say DK and Kirby ain't "hardcore" because I grew up playing games like that. Wii launched with very casual games, Move launched with very casual games, and Kinect launched with very casual games. Wait until mid or late next year to see what MS does with Kinect before automatically assuming it's only for the very very casual players.

Also don't forget, the only games Kinect support right now are games that can only be played with Kinect, not Kinect and the Xbox 360 controller. All Wii and PS3 games that you can only use the Wii Mote and Move are very casual games. Then you have games that use the Wii/Move with the Nunchuk/Navigation Controller/DS3 that are more hardcore. Games that will be supporting Kinect and the 360 controller wont be launching until next year, which is when we will see more hardcore games like Steelbattalion for example.

gigaware2756d ago

Move will be Like PS Sixaxis motion vs Wii/Wiimote match when trying to compete with kinect

Cevapi882754d ago (Edited 2754d ago )

man you are just a die hard kinect lover...what is your problem? if you like one and despise the other, letting us know once is more than enough

ohhh and i like how you contradict your first statement by saying "what battle?" and then actually calling it a match between Move and Kinect, you seem to be the first one commenting on every Kinect related do realize you can take a break every now then

PRHB HYBRiiD2754d ago

imo kinect and move suck bawls....controller or mouse ftw...nuff said

NnT32912754d ago (Edited 2754d ago )

When the Wii was out, every "hardcore gamer" bashed it and said it's a toy for kids. Now Sony uses the same idea and automatically it's for " hardcore" ?

Edit: 5 disagrees already for stating the fact. I myself don't care about Kinect or Move, but let's be honest here. Both MS and Sony are just trying to compete with Nintendo, nothing wrong with it. Let's accept the fact that the casual market is huge and MS and Sony want their cuts.

MajestieBeast2754d ago

The thing is sony already has there hardcore line up ready for 2011 cant say the same for microsoft i can name 1 game gears 3. I want more then that for next year else my 360 wont be turned on for another few months. The wii started off with shovelware like wiisports the first real wiigames for me were smg and metroid prime 3 and another thing almost no third party support. Yes im a proud wiiowner since may 2010.

NnT32912754d ago

I'm not talking about hardcore games, i'm just talking about Move and Kinect, and the fact that they are targeted to casual audiences. Actually there are some Move games I'm interested in, like Socom 4, or Killzone 3 ( I want to try it with Move). But still, both Kinect and Move are mainly for the casual.

MajestieBeast2754d ago

Kk i see your point. For me personally im waiting for socom 4 and the reason im buying move is the future every tech demo sony showed was for the hardcore gamer.

whateva2754d ago

MotionTron is ready for War!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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VenomProject2754d ago

Whatever. I've got nothing against Kinect, but I'll stick with my buttons.

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arragion2754d ago (Edited 2754d ago )

Move is a 3d mouse,..
Kinect is a eye-toy ,..really expensive one

You been owned by MS,.. again

Americans,.. I love you brothers ,.. but sometimes,..

josephayal2754d ago

KINECT vs MOVE article numer: 34,495,550,404

Close_Second2754d ago

...when it was Atari v's Amiga. At least back then it was a damn site harder for fanboys to express themselves on a global sale.

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