DC Universe Online PlayStation 3 Special Edition Confirmed

Following the revelation that European gamers will be given the opportunity to access the forthcoming beta testing phase for DC Universe Online, Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) has officially revealed the Collector’s Edition version of the game for PlayStation 3. Previously thought to be exclusive to PC gamers, the Collector’s Edition includes numerous additional bonuses, most notably the option to play as Batman himself.

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jaredhart2759d ago (Edited 2759d ago )

I have a PS3 but will most likely be skipping this one.

kevco332759d ago

Isn't this going to be the first proper MMO on PS3? Count me in...

Baka-akaB2759d ago

without any beta available to me yet and more details about servers , i'm not deciding yet between the ps3 and pc version , but yeah that's a game i've been on the lookout for .

I'm tired of the eq/wow formula and clones , i want something different and exciting within mmos while solid ... wich leaves only Kotor , Guild wars 2 and DCU online as potential interest .

divideby02759d ago

I am hoping the PS3 version is good.. Just the 15 bucks per month has me on the fence...

Quagmire2759d ago

Must hurt your nuts, i bet

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