Spawn Kill Blood Drive Review

Weaponized cars, over-the-top violence, and ZOMBIES! That sounds like a recipe for one of the wildest racing games ever, right? Sadly Blood Drive didn’t mix these ingredients well, and ended up leaving quite a rusty taste in my mouth. The folks at Sidhe Interactive seemed to be reading off the recipe for terrible controls, repetitive gameplay, and poor framerate when mixing the batter to create Blood Drive.

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rrquinta2760d ago

Wow, maybe it's good I hadn't heard of this game...

K-Tuck2760d ago

I hadn't heard of it either. I guess vehicular combat games are kind of a dead medium.

St02760d ago

I was kinda hoping it would be as addictive as the old Carmageddon games, guess not lol

Drachaus2760d ago

Yeah sorry kids, there's just NOTHING good about this game. :( I too had hoped Blood Drive would renew the Vehicular Combat medium.

Oh well, on the bright side Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit is coming out soon!

Snarkasaur2760d ago

I bet it would have done better if the title were, Bloooood DRIVE.

tigresa2760d ago

Sounds like a really good premise too. :(

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