Sony Offer Gamers the Chance to ‘Kratos’ Themselves

Though it’s undoubtedly a shame that the initiative wasn’t launched in time for Halloween, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) are offering gamers the opportunity to ‘Kratos’ themselves in honour of today’s launch of the PlayStation Portable (PSP) exclusive, God of War: Ghost of Sparta. With either a picture uploaded from your hard drive, taken via webcam or borrowed from an authorised Facebook account, gamers can find out exactly how they’d look as a Greek warrior on a quest for vengeance.

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kevco332726d ago

Shame people tell me I already look like Kratos without this though... how about making me look like Mario? I'm sure they've already done that one too...

LordMarius2726d ago

Stupid article doesnt even have a link to the feature, fail

kevco332726d ago

You're right, it doesn't... it has it EMBEDDED IN THE PAGE.


xg-ei8ht2726d ago

It does, just click on your country and upload your picture.

poopface12726d ago

I thought they wanted to make me rage and kill stuff.

I bet they would remove my hair, make me pale and put red stuff on my face.

skyblue142132726d ago

I just picked up the gow psp bundle yesterday. Seeing that I thoroughly enjoyed chains of olympus I have been wanting to play the new gow game that I received in the psp bundle, but I have yet to finish the first gow game on the ps2 due to time issues, in which I will be hopefully playing more of gow 1 tonight.

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