A Game Forgotten: Bayonetta — Scrawl

Scrawl's Adam Meadows writes: "Bayonetta is utterly ridiculous. Thankfully, though, Bayonetta is also utterly enjoyable, utterly insane and utterly superb. Moreover, it’s unashamedly an action game: it’s silly; unapologetically brash; and its combat is intelligently implemented, deep, and endlessly satisfying."

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Troll_Police2810d ago

All of the supposed God of War killers are forgotten.

Neckbear2808d ago

In my opinion, Bayonetta way better than God of War.

WAAAAY better.

Croash2810d ago (Edited 2810d ago )

the ending dance :D

Great game, albeit a little bit repetitive and unfortunately inferior on Ps3 which is the system I played it on.

But playing it on Climax mode was really fun and challenging.

@ Troll_Police, Bayonetta wasn't intented as a God of War killer, I'd say Dante's Inferno was a GoW like.

Bayonetta is more like Devil May Cry with a girl. Hideki Kamiya for the win!

JewelTheif2808d ago

You had me at "utterly ridiculous".

Neckbear2808d ago

I have NOT forgotten 'bout it!

In fact, it's a nominate to Game of the Year in my book.

An incredible game, indeed.