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So, what’s next for the currently overcrowded zombie genre?

Like a lot of people, I am on edge of my seat just waiting for the latest announcement from Capcom being Resident Evil 6.

I absolutely loved the fifth outing but that might be because I’m such a fan boy and that anything related to Resident Evil I will instantly adore but the game was not without its faults.
The annoying co-op character, Sheva, got in my way for the majority of the game and if I could, I would have fed her to the zombie masses as soon as possible to boost my chances of survival.

So the question is, what should we want from the highly anticipated next title?

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Hell-Helghast2635d ago

Just bring what made the first resident evil good back.

ABizzel12635d ago

It only needs horror (make it scary, and have zombies), and new controls (mainly being able to shoot while moving).

Quagmire2634d ago

What we expect from Resident Evil 6 = Dead Space rip-off

Wolfie2635d ago

creepy atmosphere
Barry and Rebecca or Leon and Claire
better controls
more horror than action

3nd3rth32635d ago

forget leon... claire and rebecca... those two women in the series are better than anybody else... and oldschool Jill

scar202635d ago

Unexpected attacks..go to 4.14


I want a proper Resident Evil, like the old times.
Real Survival horror games.

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The story is too old to be commented.