BioWare on subscriptions vs free-to-play

Free-to-play pricing models could become an increasingly dominant part of the gaming landscape, according Dr Greg Zeschuk, vice president and co-founder at BioWare.

This week the Mass Effect developer announced Dragon Age Legends - a free-to-play Facebook tie-in to the fantasy RPG franchise, due to launch in February next year. While speaking to Dr Zeschuck at EA's showcase this week, we asked whether he could ever foresee a time when free-to-play becomes the dominant pricing plan for games:

"I think it could," he replied. "I think you do actually see something around that in Korea, as an example. But even there it's not fully dominant. Even while there's a lot of free-to-play games there, there are still subscription MMOs in Korea. It's one of the elements, it could even be the dominant one at some point, but at the same time it doesn't preclude other opportunities."

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