Black Ops: Preorder, Preloads & Pre Elation

With the ever ensuing chaos about to descend upon us, the unbridled excitement and anxiety continues to build over Call of Duty: Black Ops. What options are available for pre-order and will Treyarch follow through on our expectations?

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kdogdaddy2630d ago

Party in the streets! Possibly considered a die-hard CoD fan, I personally look forward to this release with unbridled anxiety!


I have played the game and I can tell you that Treyarch rushed this game... the story mode is trash! The lag is terrible but maybe thats because most of the host are in Mexico and other third world countries that did not respect the release date...the guns seem to be noobish ie no recoil... the perks are nothing new... the maps are LOUD and boring... only nice thing is the wager matches but they are only a few players and get old fast... id give the game a 8.5 but I know all the noobs will love it and give this crapfest a 10.00... and for gods sake if activision does not get dedicated servers I will never buy another game!

Ducky2629d ago

Complaining about lack of online players... on a game that hasn't been released yet. Heh. =)

So I guess its safe to buy for the PC then.

Losi2630d ago

Personally I've pre-ordered and pre-loaded through Steam. Don't need any of that release party fan fare for me.

Hell-Helghast2630d ago

I'm gonna drive into town and see how many retards are gonna be standing in line for mw2 2.5 since most of my game stores are like 5 minutes apart xDDDD.

sempercog2630d ago

It's not a release party without redbull and vodka!

With that said, Treyarch and Activision has done a tremendous job at marketing and advancing this title!

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The story is too old to be commented.