RUMOR: Mass Effect 2 PS3 content details

Found via the Bioware Social Network forum in Germany. Describes the possible content in Mass Effect 2 PS3 Version.

it'll include:
* The interactive comic "Dark Horse" which informs the player about the back story and offers various choices.

* The three previously released DLC "Kasumi: Stolen Memories", Overlord" and "hiding the Shadow Broker

* Moreover, even accompanied by a code that allows you access to all published-to-date content on the network in Ceberus

* A new mission for about six hours of play time.

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Cloudberry2629d ago (Edited 2629d ago )

"The interactive comic "Dark Horse" which informs the player about the back story and offers various choices."

Wonder how it looked, if it's true...

sinncross2629d ago

Not too sure about the interactive comic part but I guess that is fine if it gets the whole 'choice' debacle over.

All the extra dlc is nice plus the new mission: I wonder if it will be a PS3 exclusive.

ABizzel12629d ago

I'd rather have a cutscene than a comic, but it's fine.

Red_Orange_Juice2629d ago (Edited 2629d ago )

I prefer interactive comic than a cutscene.

* A new mission for about six hours of play time :)

frostypants2629d ago (Edited 2629d ago )

The more they add, the better. Amazon has this listed as $59.99...while ME2 is only $19.99 for the 360. BUT, if they add all of the DLC plus some other content on top of that, it becomes a reasonable price.

Side note: I'm playing ME2 on the 360 right now. I'm not sure I like all the changes vs. ME1. In ME1, weapons never ran out of ammo...they just overheated. But now, I have to find clips of ammo and reload? And they changed a bunch of mappings. And the "feel" of the storytelling and ambiance are off a bit from ME1. Little but obvious inconsistencies like that make it not feel like not quite the same game universe. Oh well. Still fun.

Weaksauce11382629d ago

Let us not forget the eventual GOTY editions, they are a given.

EliteAssass1n2628d ago

Hopefully the 360 GOTY edition comes out at the same time.

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-Alpha2629d ago

How are you reading this? It's in a totally foreign language, I can't read anything

raztad2629d ago (Edited 2629d ago )

translate does a decent job


I think it is time to go back to my PC ME1 and play the game throughly. BioWare is good at storytelling. Just bought DA:O, looks like uprezed PS2 game, with awful framerate but is fun.

Mr_Bun2629d ago

You don't know what "Was kann man laut Greg Zeschuk erwarten" means? Besides, I can totally make out the words "Mass Effect 2" and "Playstation 3"

MariaHelFutura2629d ago

Whaa ?!?!

I`m ALL about "Was kann man laut Greg Zeschuk erwarten"

-Alpha2629d ago

Yeah but my page isn't translating...

Darkfiber2629d ago

Oh my God, this has to be the dumbest post of all time. Did you seriously just ask "How are people reading another language?" like it's impossible for someone to learn more than one language, and you make it sound as though you are almost surprised that you don't instantly and automatically understand the language, like you somehow expected to be able to read it even though you don't even know what it is. And with a name like that, you must be some stupid ignorant macho-wannabe d-bag. God I fucking hate Americans.

SephireX2629d ago

I get your point but seriously, we all can't have cool names such as "Darkfiber". If alpha wants to be an aplha male, then you must want to be dark fiber. Now I'm not saying that's a bad thing. Everyone has their issues but I think it is more probable that a man can become macho rather than turn into fiber wire. Another thing, I'm not from the USA and Americans aren't my favourite cup of tea either but I wouldn't hate all Americans just because one has a profile name I dislike on some website. If someone hates fiber wire, does that mean they hate you? For your sake, I hope not.

BeOneWithTheGun2628d ago (Edited 2628d ago )

Hey, asshole. See, he speaks English, posts quite often on N4G and was asking how his fellow English speaking kin are reading it since it is not translating for him. He wasn't just acting like some prick like you are. See, that is why Americans hate dick holes like you European trash. You jump the gun on everything and think anybody gives a flying rat's ass what the fuck you think.

If you read Alpha's posting history you will see he is very erudite and very balanced in his views and beliefs; hence the butt load of bubbles people have given him. So, why don't you go back to your loft in Prauge and drink your French Pinot and be the first person in your country to go to Dentist school.




-Alpha2628d ago (Edited 2628d ago )


I am assuming a vast majority here had the site translated into English. Mine was showing up in the original language, and I was asking how they were able to read it since they obviously had theirs translated. Everything you assumed of my character was your assumption based on your first false interpretation of what I said. I call myself Alpha-Male because I got it off a TV character and I liked to use when playing games.

Next time you try to call me out for being a tool make sure that:

a) I'm actually being a tool


b) that you don't make yourself look like a tool by making assumptions about others

Thirdly, I'm not from America, I'm from Canada.

That's, what, 3 facepalms?

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poopface12629d ago

especially if it has all of that included. I have the kasumi/zaeed, overlord and lair of the shadow broker DLC, and those alone are more content than most games today. Including the cerburus DLC(mostly small waepons and missions) and the game itself, tahts alot of game.

Im excited about what the 6 hour mission might be, as it could be the next DLC. Ill buy it even if ps3 owners get it for free with the game next year. Why? because I love ME and it is one of the few games where I LOVE DLC for. making my favorite SP game longer, yes please.

If you have a ps3 and havent played this game you should defiantly check it out.

Domer252629d ago

Oh I will be picking this up. Wondering if they will tweak the visuals on this version.

djfullshred2629d ago

I'm getting it fo sho. It was a game that tempted me to buy a 360 because I wanted to play it...but I just don't want too many redundant devices. I'm glad I held out.

avengers19782629d ago

Thanks for giving the better version to PS3.

Sheikh Yerbouti2629d ago

Yeah. We get a (time) exclusive mission, but MS still has the first game. I already played it, but I would love to have my own Shepherd and abilities carry over from my buddy's 360.

But all these extras has definitely put me back in Bioware's graces.

gtamike2629d ago

thanks for the beta testing xbox 360 users :D

Weaksauce11382629d ago

We are all beta testing the GOTY edition anyway.

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shinrock2629d ago

i just don't think they should get anything 360 owners paid for for free.

Troll_Police2629d ago ShowReplies(2)
blusoops2629d ago

It's coming out a year later. If u buy anything a yr later after it came out it'll always be cheaper than what it was on launch day.

This is day one for me. I've always been interested in mass effect and now I get to play it.

Steffl3r2629d ago

I mean if they dont get Mass Effect 1 they should at least get that much. As a 360 only owner Im so bummed theyre not sending mass effect 1 over because everytime I wanna play it I have to start with the first one. Mass Effect is my absolute favorite game of all time and everyone should get to enjoy it. I really hope that eventually mass effect 1 gets ported, they secretly remake it for the mass effect 2 game or that everyone tha plays it gets to at least get to play the game in the first place. Mass Effect is a stunning game in parts but moreso in its entireity put together. Fingers crossed on the mass effect 1 port seeing as its a microsoft exclusive, but if anybody ever gets the chance I highly highly HIGHLY reccomend it.

scar202629d ago

PS3 it only does free dlc.

scar202629d ago

@rayz3d6ywolves shut up greg.


You know that Rayz3d6yW0lves is another multiple account to Troll, right?

ct032629d ago

PS3 it only does Mass Effect **2**. See what I did there?

MariaHelFutura2629d ago (Edited 2629d ago )

Foliage. LOL.

Who needs foliage when you got GT5 and LBP2? You have your foliage and I`ll keep my GT5/LBP2.

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Mr_Bun2629d ago (Edited 2629d ago )

PS3 owners won't get to play it back when it released on the 360, nor will they get to play the original.

Maybe PS3 owners shouldn't be allowed to play online either since you pay for that?

Theoneneo812629d ago

Im assuming the 6hr is the bridge between 2-3 hopefully :)

Sheikh Yerbouti2629d ago (Edited 2629d ago )

That would be bad ass if that was the exclusive. That'd put Bioware back on my Christmas Card list. Keeping Mass Effect exclusive all this time was naughty, naughty, naughty!

Steffl3r2629d ago

They said theyd be doing that through multiple DLCs. Heres hoping, and Im really hoping we can get it as a DLC later on 360

djfullshred2629d ago

Just about all games are re-released with the DLC stuff on the disc eventually these days, regardless of platform.

Weaksauce11382629d ago

360 version is $20 and the PS3 version is $60. Nothing they get is worth $40 so how are they getting it for free?

DigitalRaptor2629d ago (Edited 2629d ago )

Mass Effect 2 on X360 might be $20 now, But at one time, it was $60. So many people who bought it probably bought it at near enough full price. So $60 + approx $25 DLC = $85.

PS3 version brand new will be $60 with $25 DLC included, so $60-25= $35

Even if a PS3 owner decides to pick up a copy when it's only $30, they will be getting a lot of value in the package they buy.

So basically, PS3 owners are not getting the raw end of the deal (besides having to wait for the game).

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SuperStrokey11232629d ago

I just want the darn game lol.

m232629d ago

I hope us 360 owners get that new mission as well. PS3 owners are going to have a blast with this game, probably my game of the year for 2010.

Garrus_Vakarian2629d ago

There will be more DLC to come.

I'm guessing the next one will be announced in December, if not this month.