WoW Cataclysm Files For Download Before Release | GameState

"This weeks news in gaming. Including the fact you can download Cataclysm's files. Epic stuff. Watch to see more." - GameState

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tinman2540d ago

Can't wait for Black Ops xD

granthinds2540d ago

What? Only like 5 more sleeps or something?! :)

PS3Blog2540d ago

Black Ops, Black Ops :D It's going to be EPIC :)

granthinds2540d ago

Way too epic. Still trying to find someone who thinks Medal of Honor is better!

scar202540d ago

@granthinds i think moh is better im getting black ops just for the single player then passing it on to my nephew.

Ognipode2540d ago

Its pretty insane that they want to treat video games like porn. Video games are way more awesome!

granthinds2540d ago

Hahaha! But ye, still, i do understand all the concerns. I think it's important that these things are strict, not to demonize the gaming industry, but to protect children who aren't discerning enough to play violent and/or sexual games. Quite straight forward i think.

l33t_noob2540d ago

Well Blizzard did say you can't fight piracy before they released Starcraft 2.

granthinds2540d ago

It's true but they can prevent it by offering a product that's worth the money, like Battlenet 2.0.

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The story is too old to be commented.