Why Am I Still Playing NHL 11?

NHL 11 doesn't seem like it's much different from most other sports games. Its gameplay is probably the best out of any one out there right now but it has its share of problems just like any other game. It's not as if this game is 100% completely awesome and I just can't put it down. For whatever reason, I just keep on coming back and coming back and coming back. Therefore, I'm going to try and do an exorcism of my own mind to figure out why this is going on, how to correct it and whether I actually want it corrected. Oh and if I'm a complete lunatic.

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Mr_Bun2693d ago (Edited 2693d ago )

I am one of the suckers that buys NHL every year. NHL11 is by far the most entertaining.

Unlike the author, this is the first season that I have been loving every mode the game has to offer. I've been playing regular season mode with St. Louis, GM Mode with Toronto, I got drafted to Ottawa in Be a Pro Mode, and there is something very cool about the new EA league that has you trading virtual hockey cards in order to beef up your team.

This rendition has also made playing with a friend online, the most accessible to date.