Wada "Committed to Restoring Confidence" in FF14

After a weak first six months for this fiscal year, and relatively low sales for Final Fantasy XIV on PC, Square Enix president has said that he is committed to restoring confidence in the game.

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dude_meister2483d ago

Well from what I've heard of FF14 (i.e. limited play time), I don't think it will ever be popular with the MMORPG crowd.

IronFist2483d ago

what??? what do you mean limited play time? Like only a few hours a day or something?

If so, then I am no longer considering getting this on PS3 :(

Biggest2483d ago

A lot of the people I play it with are waiting for the December update to make a final verdict. The framework is in place for an awesome MMORPG experience. The story is engaging and enjoyable as it is now. The crafting system is a bit convoluted, but has good ideas in place. The battle system is awesome minus a few bugs that are supposedly being addressed in December.

Long story short: Improvements and enhancements are expected by the community in December. If they happen, people will stay and the community will grow. If they don't happen you can call FFXIV officiall dead.

Game-ur2483d ago

They need to "restore confidence" in the FF franchise in general.

bakasora2483d ago

I already lost faith in the ff franchise and $quareenix after ff13

NecrumSlavery2483d ago

SE hasn't made one good console or PC game this gen. Only good games are on PSP/DS. Hopefully they dont ruin FFversusXIII or KH3

Celeras2483d ago

Probably right Dude, but it still has a chance of being popular with the FF11 crowd if they can right the ship before the Ps3 launch.

FanboyPunisher2482d ago

AOC, WAR, Etc all had a better chance than this does at being successful.

This game is going to die. Unless it goes FTP.

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Godmars2902483d ago

The only thing that could is someone committed to making games and a bit of profit. Not just profit.

gaffyh2483d ago

Nomura for President!

(I know it will never happen)

Jamegohanssj52483d ago

Nomura is actually leaving after he's done with Vs.XIII


gaffyh2483d ago

@2.1.1 - Seriously? I must have missed that story, do you have a link to it?

Will be a massive loss for Square if true, I was looking forward to KH3 from him too.

Sam Fisher2483d ago

im done with final fantasy, when vs. 13 comes out.

Jamegohanssj52483d ago (Edited 2483d ago )

At least that's what I've heard from a guy who is really into JRPG games. May or may not be true.


Here we go:


Godmars2902483d ago (Edited 2483d ago )

Well, isn't that just good news... /S

Sounds like it would just kill KH3 if true.

Also sounds like Sony better alert their HR people. Set Namura up with his own dev house - within Sony of course.

Right next door to PT.

Game-ur2483d ago

As I suspected, businessmen are suffocating developers in Japan, and are a main reason for the gaming decline there.

If you look at the good games coming from Japan, you find they are from devs with more freedom like Itagaki and the guys at Platinum and from smaller purer companies like Atlus (hope the management reshuffle doesn't screw them)

nickjkl2483d ago

james what i heard was if they get blind sided again like with final fantasy 13 then they were going to leave

as in if final fantasy 13 went multiplatform late in the development cycle without any kind of warning

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Jamegohanssj52483d ago

Even if he was to leave Kingdom Heart 3 could still be made as it's his project. I think he's one of those developers that would do better with his own little company to be honest.


AceofStaves2483d ago

If he does leave Squenix, I hope he forms his own studio. The industry needs men of his talent.

What a loss for the company if he does go. I was a huge fan of Squaresoft in the 90's, but other companies, like Atlus, have replaced it on my list of favourite devs/pubs.

Spinal2483d ago

Hopefully this is the Final fantasy....

SKUD2483d ago

I lol'd. They should really change the title of the game.

Sabre_G2483d ago

Square: You thinking what i'm thinking???

Wada: Aim for the bushes

Anyone who knows what i'm talking about knows how that ends

There goes my Squaresoft Hero

wenaldy2483d ago


The Rock+Sam L. Jackson FTW...

Malice-Flare2483d ago

especially if they can fix it in time for the PS3 version...

however, "confidence in FF14" isn't the only problem for Square-Enix...