Call of Duty getting 'largest offering of digital content ever in 2011'

Activision says it's throwing everything it has at the Call of Duty franchise, and next year CoD players will see the "largest offering" of digital content ever.

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scar202691d ago

Let me guess for the low price of $39.99 you can unlock everything from the first level xDDDDD.

r1sh122691d ago

Yea I can only assume by that information that activision will put out even less MP maps and charge even more.
Seriously how many maps did they put out for MW2?
10 or so..
Activision do suck,
hopefully these will be better value since zombies comes into it, but even then I dont want to be spending a stupid amount.

-Alpha2691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

MW2 has 16 maps, + 10 for $30. The issue was price. The content support was still more than other shooters, and it's certainly a better model than EA's cheap "unlock old access" method. Some BC2 players are dying for actual new maps and modes, yet EA wont do it.

Nobody knows what they are talking about or what they will do but everybody assumes the worst. I suppose that caution is warranted, but lets wait and see.

If they do offer more, they may very well price it high, but at least they will support it with a lot of content.

You don't have to buy it all, but I'm all for them supporting the game, and for me I split the price with friends and share.

I can see them putting new skins, buying customization props, maps, modes, etc

With Theater mode they could charge for extra file slots like Bungie does.

I just hope they don't charge for something like guns because that will ruin the game.

Redrum0592691d ago

GT5 will have more content out of the box, and I'm sure they won't over charge for addons aswell.
GT5 will have a RPG style endurance race for crying out loud.

Still getting black ops day1, not a big fan but it's my way of keeping intouch with family and friends that have moved away.

-Alpha2691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

What on earth does this have to do with GT5?

dtalon32691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )


GT5 RPG endurance race? wasn't this mode already released when they announced the Release date to all its fans for GT5? Sounds like you already near the level cap :P

on topic: screw activision, I am not buying black ops new. Screwed me once too many. No matter how good they make call of duty look there is always some sort of hidden spike to impale yourself on with this franchise.

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DEA Fresh2691d ago

People complain when you don't get enough. ie one map pack for COD4. Now people are saying this is a way to shake down gamers.

Well guess what? You don't have to buy it. For people who don't go out and by every new game it's a good way to add longevity to the ones you have.

We've all seen overpriced DLC snd DLC that took way too long to come out (GTA IV). Treyarch offered a steady amount and at fair prices for WaW. Hopefully that continues with this game.

dtalon32691d ago

that was before the entire studio of Infinity ward exploded into madness. Treyarch is now the leading CoD developer. Guess what I am all about DLC, normally I am on the don't buy it if you don't want to bandwagon...

but lets be real developers only have so much say into pricing structures and activision loves to bust out the love stick and tap our wallets, just look at the $15 map packs they released...with old maps and broken to a certain extent.

bottom line is yeah I would probably have your point of view (and so would others, I assume), IF treyarch had a diff publisher. Valve perhaps, would would make me have a totally different view on an announcement of "BIG DLC"...even zenimax seems to have learned the horse armor lesson. based on the amounts of pre orders I have seen go through the store I work at... Call of duty fans just can't get burned enough.

solar2691d ago

it becomes a problem when you split your online MP and FORCE users to buy it maps.

mandf2691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

LittleBigPlanet2 says Hi. Activision's head has become to big. I can't believe some of the claims made by some of these developers.

Edit. LBP has the most content of any game this gen. FACT!!!

Koromaro2691d ago

Have you seen Record of Agarest War dlc lol

mandf2691d ago

Yeah i have.I haven't had a chance to try. Lbp expands without developer support because of the content that they have already gave. Not putting down any game. I was shocked to hear activision made such a statement when they really haven't put out much content to begin with.

come_at_me_bro2691d ago

Sounds like Ubisoft was right about Activision charging for online play through DLC. A new map pack for $15 every month?

JeffGUNZ2691d ago

Even so, they are opitional. You don't need to buy any of the DLC to play online for as long as you want.

Longrod_Von_Hugendon2691d ago

KZ3, Resistance 3, Crysis 2, SoCom, UC3. Who the fuck needs Actvision, and COD MP anymore? 2011 will be the end of COD's reign.

Pandamobile2691d ago

I'm just buying COD:BO to tide me over until Q1 2011.

Every game I was looking forward in 2010 got delayed til 2011 -_-

toaster2691d ago

TF2 and CS:S will tide me over until infinity.

imvix2691d ago

True lol with valves constant support, i see no reason to buy COD BO. Infact TF2 and L4d2 are still my favorite shooters. There justing anything out there that can beat those 2.

theonlylolking2691d ago

For PS3 gamers it will be but not for xbox gamers.

bigboss9112691d ago

for Ps3 and Pc gamers... *fixed

theonlylolking2691d ago


PC gamers and 360 gamers get the same games other than forza, halo, and gears. Although the PC just gets a better version of the multiplats.

-Alpha2691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

A lot of people play COD, the game isn't going anywhere.

I prefer COD over KZ & Resistance. Those just aren't my type of shooters.

People have always called "the end of COD", but the support is just too large.

I will love UC3 MP and SOCOM though.

BX812691d ago

Black ops is going to rock out weather you like it or not!

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Incipio2691d ago

largest offering of digital content ever in 2011 = Largest Opportunity to Buy Stuff and Be Milked



JeffGUNZ2691d ago

How is this bieng milked? We live in a digital age now, where downloading extra content to extend the shelf life of a game is common. Most people forget you don't have to buy ANY DLC to play online or beat the single player. It's a nice option if you desire to buy the DLC. This is a business, people are working to create new content. Do you really think they are not going to pay their employees so you can have a free map pack? Come on.

It's all optional. If you don't want to pay the money for DLC, then you have all the right not to do so.

InFAMOUS12691d ago

When a game like MW2 sells over 20 million copies(which by the way is a stupid amount) a developer and publisher can afford to release free DLC. In all honesty most of the DLC is developed during initial production and often 'finished' during post production. All 250 employees at Treyarch are NOT going to be working on DLC therefore, I would cost Activision calculated operating costs to produce DLC. Basically I am saying this is 100% profit to Activision and Treyarch if they are getting a %. If you look at a companies like Valve or id Software, you will see a model that produces great games, but also gives FREE content YEARS after release. Activision is 1000x larger then either one of those companies but still milks it! Me personally, I let someone on my friends list download BO DLC so I can game share hahahaah

BX812691d ago

@Infamous1 Sure they could but why? Why give something away for free that you worked on? I don't blame them for charging because in the end it's about fun and money. I personally would want to give something back to the community that helped put food on my table but on da real I understand wanting to have more money. I also wish people with over 5million dollars would write checks for $25,000 and randomly hand them out but that wont happen!

InFAMOUS12691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

I gave you 2 perfect examples. Valve and id Software. Both those companies have never sold 20 million copies of a video game and made billions of dollars of a single title; however, they still release FREE DLC. I totally get the business aspect of it, but Treyarch or I should say Activision are NOT hurting for cash. Treyarch are owned by Activision, which means Activison funds Treyarch. Employees are paid salaries, they are also paid with what are referred to in the VG industry as Alpha, Beta and Gold bonuses when each are completed typically on or before deadlines. So Activison, each year gives Treyarch an operating budget. Treyarch says we are going to need 20 million a year for EVERYTHING i.e supplies, salary, overhead, production etc. Activision either agrees or doesn't. My point overall is that Activison is a money hungry public company (public being the problem) and they don't care about where they get the money, they just care that they get it.

vhero2691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

I doubt they will ever beat Criterion and Burnout and most of there downloads didn't cost a dime. I also reckon half the downloadable content will probably already be on the disc..

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