CVG previews Clive Barker's Jericho: "Not as clever as Undying"

Jericho doesn't veer wildly from the traditional linear shooter blueprint, but certainly has an impressive sheen provided by script, character, voice-acting and excellent music, alongside its lakes of blood, guts and shit. It's packed with incidental visual niceties too - from a shadowy child beckoning you into the hellhole its soul has been trapped in, to the way corpses fidget after you've filled them with bullets, before being thrown into the air and overrun by a swarm of flies.

With Clive Barker in outright creative control of the project, there's little doubt that this is a game that fans of horror can't ignore.

It's not as clever as Undying, but it certainly has more flayed skin hanging on hooks, angry medieval child-soldiers and bullet-time. Will the finished game provide enough variety? Well, the bottomless pit that is Barker's worryingly disturbed imagination must have proved helpful...

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