Rumor: Worldwide Weekly Chart week ending 30th Oct 2010

Worldwide Hardware
Console Weekly (change) Total
DS 342,757 (+33%) 135,873,779
PS3 275,927 (+15%) 40,516,615
Wii 238,758 (+28%) 75,294,590
X360 224,822 (+21%) 44,384,140
PSP 126,485 (+19%) 61,690,288
PS2 56,731 (+21%) 138,044,931

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jahcure2631d ago

Since ps3 owners do not care for sales numbers and xbox fans were posting vgchartz left and right a few weeks ago. Let the trend of showing numbers continue.

Again this is NOT for ps3 fans since they don't care for numbers or teh salezz

tatotiburon2631d ago

oh really so you missed the ps1 and ps2 years?? and now they don't care about sales, i wonder why?

Biggest2631d ago

WTF?!?!? Did you seriously bring out the PS1 and PS2? The lengths that some of you go to justify your stupidity is plain stupid.

anh_duong2631d ago

sorry to be pedantic but

titled shouldn't stay:

"Rumor: Worldwide Weekly Chart week ending 30th Oct 2010"

should say:

"Estimated: Worldwide Weekly Chart week ending 30th Oct 2010"

2629d ago
Nitrowolf22629d ago


i don't think people really cared about sales that age, PS1 and PS2 era were in the era where people would actually sit down and talk games and not about sale

Eu2629d ago (Edited 2629d ago )

Besides what Nitrowolf2 said, those were the time the interwebz werent as spread as today. The marketing wasnt as viral - or downright fanboyish - as today. We sat and talked about games and how amazing they were. I simply dont remeber the fanboy clains we have today about who sold best and who didnt ever coming up in the conversation. And I sat to talk with friends a lot in those years.

AAACE52629d ago

What's wrong with you? How can you post an article... and be the first to comment on your own article?

I see why you did it! You knew some stupid fanboy was going to look at it, see Ps3 was in lead and go on a spree about how Ps3 was doing so great and 360 nombers are sucking!

But you know they will be happy about the numbers and will rub it in, forgetting the fact that it's VGchartz numbers!

Government Cheese2629d ago

I love how when it shows the PS3 ahead of the 360, the rumor meter is always towards the 'for sure' section, but when it shows 360 ahead of PS3 the rumor meter is toward the 'no way' section.

SyphonFilter2629d ago

actually i don't remember anyone talking about sales in ps1 and ps2 gen. Either way 360 will be in last place so sony guys will still make fun of them.

SWORDF1SH2629d ago (Edited 2629d ago )

I will now add my two pennys.

Dont give me this shit about Sony fanboys now caring about sales.

If you remember rightly, VGChartz was banned on N4G until the 360 was winning in sales.

Make of it what you will.

Edit: @government. Look at the meter. What way is it leaning you idiot.

Fanboys always see it the way they want it

cmrbe2629d ago

There were no circle jerking when GT3 sold more than 14 million copies nor when the PS1 and PS2 reach 100 million.

I am sure you x360 fans would have an orgy if MS ever once achieve any of these sales figures.

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units2630d ago

this guy is hilarious

newhumanbreed2629d ago

I know right. All fanboys CARE about sales.

somerandomdude2629d ago (Edited 2629d ago )

"for xbox only fans i assume ......Since ps3 owners do not care for sales numbers"

Or do ps3 owners just not care about seeing numbers that are fabricated to show more xbox sales and less PS3 sales on a regular bases. How could that possibly be?

VGChartz isn't credible, too much time has been spent on this already, but at least the tittle of this is correct by stating it is rumored numbers.

k-dillinger2631d ago

I do believe this past announcement from Sony regarding sales show that vgchartz sales are not to be believed anymore or shouldn't have been in the 1st place...

DontShoot-Me-Bro2631d ago (Edited 2631d ago )

dont approve this shiiit site, you idiots!!

and im calling people idiots, because i know people are still going to approve it.

it aint about being a Sony or Microsoft fanboy, this site just posts bullshiiit!! so dont approve it!

jahcure2631d ago

does not change the results...i tought by now we would have realised that

morganfell2629d ago

But it isn't news unless you consider the idea that made up numbers are news.

Anon19742629d ago

And that's the thing. VGChartz have proven time and time again to be terribly inaccurate compared to either official numbers or NPD numbers. Sure sometimes they adjust their figures months after the fact, it still doesn't make these figures remotely useful. I don't care if they claim the PS3 is outselling, or the 360, or the freaking NeoGeo. They simply aren't reliable.

Seferoth752629d ago

Poor darkride still upset over things you fail to understand

Seriously dude you act like they shot your family or something and it all comes down to you cannot comprehend how they report their numbers or even understand a simple thing like what an estimate actually is.

Might be time to get a life kid. we get it, you PS3 fanboys hate the fact that PS3 being dead last is pointed out every week of the year. Even if we stopped VGchartz info from being on the site PS3 would still be in last place.

Denying facts doesnt change them

morganfell2629d ago

Seferoth your comment is ridiculous. VGChartz had MS second in sales and Sony last. It was actually the other way around. Even vgchartz changed their numbers to reflect that truth. That isn't the matter of an estimate being a little off. That's blatant deception with purpose.

If you know the history of vgchartz and it's founder then you know why.

Oh wait, acknowledging that truth blows holes in your argument.


Sales are all the 360 fans have on which to anchor their fading pride. Of course now they will jump to the casual gamer device. Have fun.

The sales truth is evident from the real figures, that matter even vgchartz admits. The PS3 has been outpacing the 360. Why post anything from them since they have demonstrated once, twice, countless times that they can't get in the ballpark with their estimates, much less to first base.

An estimate should carry with it a modicum of accuracy. Instead the vgchartz numbers have repeatedly shown themselves to be more of a fanboy's wishes rather than data analysis based in honest research capable of dependability.

By removing the vgchartz articles from this site, PS3 fans are doing 360 fans a favor.

But more importantly, even when vgchartz show the PS3 ahead of the 360 we don't care. It's about the games, not the sales.

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Xi2629d ago (Edited 2629d ago )

If people stop approving HHG.

cereal_killa2629d ago

"If people stop approving HHG"

You have a better chance finding a cure for AIDS. HHG is like herpes may go away for a while but will always come back.

k-dillinger2631d ago


agreed please stop approving this crap

YOUR-MUM2631d ago

Looks about write. Although I do agree approving rumours like this is silly.

Seijoru2629d ago

Sony announced a while ago of having 41.6m PS3s sold yet VG is still at 40m.

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