US and Canada Playstation Store Update for August 30, 2007

A plethora of goodies have been added to the store earlier today. The list is as follows:

- Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo
- Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection Online Expansion

- Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo Demo
- NASCAR 08 Demo
- Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2008

- Heavenly Sword Anime No. 4
- Heavenly Sword "Making Of" No. 4
- Folklore "Surviving the Netherworld" Trailer
- Clive Barker's Jericho Trailer

- Beowulf Trailer
- Bee Movie Trailer 3

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Greysturm4100d ago

I love we are getting demos weekly, what is Tekken 5 resurrection expansion though?

masterg4100d ago

It's Tekken 5 Online :)

Mr Marbles4099d ago

Is this news? how come nobody posted the 360 XBL updates, they have been very numerous? I am really confused by this site, I must have read the rules wrong. You guys need to help me out. LoL

Armyless4099d ago

I recall seeing an article about XBL updates recently. Where were you? Besides, as a site dedicated to "News 4 Gamers" perhaps YOU should post the XBL updates instead of complaining about PSN updates. (which I'm guessing has NO impact on you)

secur1ty9114100d ago

Bringem on SONY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can't wait to play the golf game and Nascar.

TruthBTold4100d ago

NASCAR is a lame game, I don't know if somebody else liked it but the game is far from next gen worthiness. It seems it should be one of those free complete game downloads just for the heck of it.

Sevir044100d ago

it's an online expansion. enabling online PLay for Tekken compliments to Namco and the fans who wanted tekken to finally go online without waiting for Tekken 6.

this also should shut the fanatics that screams that adding online play isn't as simple as doing a patch. so the next time another idiot says that VF5 for ps3 wont have online fighting, i'll say it's only a matter of time becfore that happens.

and if they say it isn't possible then i'll say look at evolution studio's Jap release of Motorstorm and Tekken dr for PS3.

for the Naysayers and the hearing impared. look at Namco and evolution and proceed to put you foot in your mouth. because adding online to and online lacking game is as simple as doing a patch. it's simply a coice of the developer to do it. and seeing the reaction of PS3 fans for the VF5 and the need for games in the Fighting genres, it was a total mistake on there part to not have the game support online matches. but can be easily rectified

akaFullMetal4100d ago

wow, a huge sortment of stuff, great job sony, and funny how there isnt that many people commenting, i think its because alot of people are playing warhawk,
excuse me while i go and play, have fun with the demo's

secur1ty9114100d ago

Nascar. But then again I also bought Ghost Recon 2. Boy the PS3 is going shine very very bright this holiday season approaching us all.
Can't wait for so many games to buy and play one of them will have to be Drake Uncharted thats for sure. All in all I think I'm buying around 5 or 6 games before December guaranteed.

pilotpistolpete4099d ago

I'm all warhawked out for the night.

This is by far the slowest download (maybe because I am hogging all my bandwidth with warhawk?

I think I started at 7 and tiger is only 10% done (its 1 am right now here)

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The story is too old to be commented.