The Sims: Medieval is for RPG and strategy game fans too

VGD writes: "Real gamers don’t have time for games like the Sims, right? They’ve got better things to do – dropping heal spells on undead armies, buffing their archers and unlocking sweep attacks for their barbarian warlords.

Not so! says EA. When the Sims: Medieval reaches shelves in March, the publisher reckons players of Proper Games, like Swordgrasper 5: The Bludgeoning and Tales of Tales of Tales Destiny X, will be queuing up alongside the “casual” massive."

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MagicAccent2633d ago

Huh? Sims Medieval style?
Finally some 'real' innovation from the team, and not just another expansion with hats, or something.

Def gonna keep an eye out for this game.

dirigiblebill2633d ago

Agreed, it looks very interesting. The religion stuff in particular...