Call of Duty Black Ops: First Prestige Edition Unboxing

Watch a lucky guy unboxing the prestige edition of Call of Duty: Black Ops.

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scar202576d ago

Nothing special about unboxing a box with stuff i do that everyday.

MGRogue20172576d ago (Edited 2576d ago )

Waste of money.. just buy the hardened edition. :)

Kran2576d ago

I suppose though getting the prestige edition shows your support to the franchise :P

I bought hardened edition, so :P

Hideo_Kojima2576d ago

Yeah... hardened...

like my P***s after looking @ scar20's picture

PRHB HYBRiiD2576d ago

i was thinking yesterday do i submit this video to n4g? and then i said..nah just a stupid unboxing...and look somebody else did it -.-

Greek God2576d ago

Call of duty
is same game every time a new 1 comes out cant understand the people buying it..

-Alpha2576d ago (Edited 2576d ago )

Yet you have a God of War Avatar.

If you are going to make simple generalizations make sure you can't apply to it yourself

Greek God2576d ago

So yeah i have a Kratos ava and?
this doent have to mean anything
prejustice not good..

Jack-Pyro2576d ago

Your English is atrocious, but your from Europe, so I'll forgive it.

The point Alpha is trying to make is that God of War didn't make hardly any changes whatsoever in it's game-play, and yet nobody came out and shouted "IT'S JUST LIKE THE LAST 2!!!"

This game is a part of a franchise, Say it with me, FRANCHISE!!! As in it's supposed to be mostly the same with a different story and different things to do, and Black Ops dose that.

SSKILLZ2576d ago

The harden and prestige editions are all sold out in my area like crazy, I just pre ordered the regular copy , I want to play one in the chainber looks cool

crazyclown2576d ago

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

tbh, how it this news? videos are pretty boring and way to long

Der_Kommandant2576d ago

Im gonna do an unboxing video of the 12 batteries needed to power that shit

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The story is too old to be commented.