Kinect needs to be re-calibrated if you experience lags

Many reports from the web say Kinect have lag. But acсording to my friend who is s developer this can be solved just by recalibrating the device in the setup menu. Read more info after a jump.

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Bigpappy2695d ago

Base on my play time so for, there has be zero signs of lag. This thing is very impressive perfomance wise.

MariaHelFutura2695d ago (Edited 2695d ago )

No sure about that. I was in Walmart and EBgames last night (bought Borderlands which is AMAZING BTW) and in both places there were people complaining... about if Kinect was having problems recognizing them and asking if it was broken. I don`t know these people so they could have just set it up wrong or something. But that`s what they were saying. I can`t wait to try it out for myself to see for myself. I`m not expecting to be impressed though.

8-bit2695d ago

"It's laggy

There's a noticeable gap between your movements and your on-screen avatars. Some games aren't affected by it, but things like Kinect Adventures are too sluggish to play reactively. This creates a disconnect that defeats the purpose of the experience.

The games are very similar

There are concerns that we've already seen everything that the camera is capable of. Move around, wave your arms, hit things that are flying at you... don't be surprised if the controller gets incorporated into future Kinect experiences soon.

Your limbs like to break themselves

Remember when Kudo first showed off the technology? Remember how his avatar's legs twisted in on itself? Yeah, that still happens. Seeing your ankle float above your thigh is a little disconcerting to say the least.

It feels like a soft launch

The half-and-half dashboard controls, the sketchy software, the minimal voice controls... it feels like Kinect is waiting for a major firmware update to really be the device it can be. We understand why it had to come out before Christmas, but it does feel like it's not quite ready."

yeracnivek712695d ago

That's the problem, can't calibrate Kinect, when it's in a kiosk at Wal-Mart, Target, Best Buy, etc. Think before you post...or just don't post at all.

Wh15ky2695d ago (Edited 2695d ago )

I think he's saying that these people returned to the stores they bought it from to complain, not that they were complaining about the set-up in the store.

"I don`t know these people so they could have just set it up wrong or something."

"Think before you post...or just don't post at all."

insomnium2695d ago (Edited 2695d ago )

Round 2?

I'm outta bubbles so someone will need to cover for me.

gamingdroid2695d ago

Personally, I didn't have much problem with Kinect. It had some minimal lag, but nothing like what some people might suggest. It is definitely playable and a lot of fun. We all had a good laught!

With that said, check out the user reviews at amazon:

I would zero in on the reviews from verified buyers. Overall they are giving Kinect stellar reviews. A few complained about DOA units, and gave a 1-star. Check it out yourself and make up your own mind.

As some has suggested, buy one and try it at home. You can always return it.

How often do you go in-store to try let's say a 360 or PS3, only to find a controller broken. Don't expect much more from Kinect in the same environment

KingME2695d ago

No I don't think that is what he was saying, but nice try.

Had they been returning them and complaining, they would have been in the customer service department. Which would have been no where near electronics where he was buying borderlands.

Good point yeracnivek71 as usual, you should have more bubbles. Here's one.

Wh15ky2695d ago

I didn't suggest that they were "returning them and complaining".
I suggested what he meant was they "returned to the stores they bought it from to complain" or perhaps just query.

"but nice try"

FragMnTagM2695d ago (Edited 2695d ago )

What helps the most is calibrating early in the morning, in the afternoon, and at night. Kinect stores those three different lighting conditions and it is surprisingly accurate. Kinect adventures works fine for me. I get a platinum nearly everytime. The only game I have a little trouble with is the rafting game. All the other games work just fine. My favorite is the Reflex Ridge game. It really gets you sweating man.

The Dance Central game is loads of fun. I have never been a dancer. I was a wall flower at the prom in high school. With Dance Central though, I was picking up moves pretty damn fast. I was surprised that after two songs I did a flawless on hard.

Joyride is lame, but it wasn't as bad as inital reports on it. I had no problem at all stomping the competition. I never hit a wall. The controls worked surprisingly well. It was just that the speed of the cars were pretty slow, except for the power boost, and the auto drift and acceleration that made it lame for me. Other than that the game handled better than I thought it would.

I think my favorite thing on the Kinect so far was the demo for Fitness Evolved. It only lets you try out one game mode, but I was pretty sore after a few rounds of punching the digital bricks. I don't excersize nearly as often as I should. Nothing like I was in high school. And now I can do it in the comfort of my home without looking silly in front of a bunch of people at the gym. Some cardio and aerobics with the Kinect and lifting weights on my home gym will help me get back into shape.

Also, I am not fat. I am 6' tall and weigh 175. It is just that I am a little flabby from gaming so much and not working out enough. Now my grilfriend and I are on going to team up and workout with the Kinect and my home gym.

Still don't understand the hate for Kinect. It is a nice addition to my gaming habit.

Taker_1292695d ago

I like reading comments like yours, because you genuinely sound like you have used the device and give decent reasons for why you like it? If more people comment like you N4G would be a better experience overall.

MariaHelFutura2695d ago (Edited 2695d ago )

Dude they bought it and where bringing it back. Think before YOU comment. Christ, the fanboy gene makes people unable to read sometimes.

and I bought borderlands at Ebgames. Christ, stop being so ridiculous guys. THINK.

Wow. I didn`t think there would be that much confusion over my comment.

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iMaddy2695d ago

I heard many improved their lags after recalibtation.

MariaHelFutura2695d ago

It could just be peoples stupidity. Some people are stupid as hell. I imagine if it`s a big enough problem we`ll find out soon enough.

Greek God2695d ago

then your brain must have lags

divideby02695d ago (Edited 2695d ago )

^ for BigP...

sorry, but you do not know what lag is if you are playing Kinect and saying there is zero lag.. you are totally and completely wrong.

I am not saying the inherit lag is a game breaker at all, so dont take it that way. But clearly there is lag and you over time compensate for it.

I played it last nite and I so much wanted to buy one, but the games are just shovelware for a core gamer at my age which is over 13..

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1233602695d ago

i thought ms said it was auto recalibtation,it adjusts everythink comment from room size to its the dev kits only.anyways walk in to game and try it out free,then walk away like 99% of people are doing saying how much

saint_john_paul_ii2695d ago

30 fps camera. how can you recalibrate that?

divideby02695d ago

^ what sony will do next year.. introduce a full HD higher speed camera and you know MS is gonna release a new camera in the future

aviator1892695d ago

I've had the same lag when I first started playing around. However, I followed the instructions on calibration and the lag was gone. I'd suggest to anyone who has Kinect calibrate their system. In the end, it will be a better experience for you.

10thnightvolley2695d ago

that is good info ... surely will let my kinect friends knw ..

jovherye2695d ago

There are disagrees to this?! Really?! I've had no issues yet and we have a 7 year old and toddler who run around. Fun so far! Light has also not been an issue.
Same goes for our PS3 Eyetoy. Don't have Move yet, maybe later.

FragMnTagM2695d ago (Edited 2695d ago )

I have a cat that was in the sensors area of view and kids, a 2 year old and a 4 year old. The only time the Kinect had a problem was when my kids would walk in front of me. When they were behind me, I had not a single problem, but if they happened to pass by while in the middle of a maneuver it would tweak out for a split second.

I have also used the device in complete darkness save for the TV's glow, and my black friend had no problem playing with me and he is as black as could be.

10thnightvolley2695d ago

its expected anything postive that will get a disagree. ..

sad i tell u

Anon19742695d ago

Did I just see an article who's source was "According to a friend?"

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seinfan2695d ago

If you calibrate it to register your movements faster, don't you lose some type of quality?

FragMnTagM2695d ago

but it is probably no. When you calibrate, it is taking in the clutter on the floor (if any), the lighting conditions, and varying distances of you from the sensor in a few different poses.

You can also calibrate the voice recognition on it too. It will take a audio sample of your room in which you should be as quiet as possible and then it will play a few tones to see how they bounce around your room. Then it will have you speak a few words and it is done.

Once calibrated correctly, which by the way is not hard at all. It works great.

seinfan2695d ago

Oh, I thought "calibrate" meant to make the camera respond faster. I wonder how the HD lag is calibrated in the guitar hero games, then.

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